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Empowered women enjoying timeless swimwear. For all body types and stages of life.

“FUSED helps me look past my insecurities!”

After 4 years of pregnancy and breastfeeding... it's time to become myself again. – Sarah

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Strong, empowered and unapologetically you.

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Perfectly imperfect…always.

I’ve always believed a woman in a bikini in public is when she’s most vulnerable. And in that moment, if she can be comfortable, confident, and feel beautiful in her own skin… she can accomplish anything. Are you Ready?

– Roxelle Cho

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Superior materials. Amazing fit.

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Perfectly, Imperfect. Always

The Perfect Bikini for Everybody

The days of discouragement and wanting to give up on ever wearing a bikini again are over, sis.

Enjoy the freedom of knowing you've got that classy, functional swimsuit you can depend on that gives you the confidence to celebrate who you truly are...not what anyone else says you need to be.

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Turning your failures into success
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If there’s anything we need to slay today, it’s HOPE. My blog started out as a journal for me, but became a safe place for us. A diary to be transparent about my mistakes as an entrepreneur, a mom, a wife, a sister. A place to read about how I’m overcoming the obstacles on my journey so you can gain renewed hope for yours. Towel off. Grab a drink. Let’s connect.

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Ordinary Bodies. Extraordinary Women. WATCH what happens when a small group of FUSED sisters get together for the first time in Seattle… sharing their hearts and lives in safety and aloha. This is what we mean by `ohana…family.

You don’t need the perfect body

You need the perfect bikini.

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Why am I so passionate about this?

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