13 - Your Feelings Are Valid

13 - Your Feelings Are Valid


Here we are again with another episode. As always, I don’t have a script or structure to this episode, I just want you to see my process as it unfolds - including the good and the ugly. 


As you all know, we’re in this time where our emotions are a little all over the place. There’s been so much fear and uncertainties, but I’ve come to learn to reframe my mind around all of these negative things going on in our lives right now. Imagine how amazing it will be when we come out on the other side? I’ve learned to look at 2020 as a blessing and wake up every day with gratitude. 


As I document my journey through this process, I’ll share with you that I’ve been experiencing an emotional week. I’ve been feeling pains in my body, but I’m also paying more attention to what my body is telling me, and questioning if my physiological pains have anything to do with what is going on inside. Just observing, listening to my body, and diving deeper - I find it very interesting being able to uncover something deeper. 


Whatever emotions you're feeling right now, the good news is you’re allowed to feel them. The other good news is, we have all the resources that we need to heal. Our self-awareness, our ability to choose how we react to things, our ability to observe and understand our emotions and choose how we move forward. We have all the tools we need right within ourselves, we just have to access them. 


I hope that these stories that I share with you are also helping you and feel not so alone as you deal with our current situation with COVID-19. If you’ve listened to all of my episodes so far, you’ll know that I am just like you. We go through the same struggles. You are not alone.


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Intro: Aloha and welcome to the Dream Into It Podcast. I'm Roxelle Cho coming to you from my hometown, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. After building a multiple seven-figure swimwear brand from a dream starting in my garage, I became curious into learning how my thoughts created the reality around me.

This is the Dream Into it Podcast where we will look into how wonderful, powerful, inspired, motivated women like myself are able to rewrite the stories of their lives and step into their power. I am so excited to be able to join you on your journey of stepping into your potential and creating the life of your dreams. Mahalo for being here today. 

Come on dreamers, let's dream into it!

Roxelle: [00:00:00] Aloha dreamers and welcome to the Dream Into It Podcast. Once again, I am so happy. I'm so grateful to have you here today. Listening, taking the time out of your day to be here, to just listen to my voice. So I don't know how to say thank you enough to all of you who tune in to our podcast and. I hope on the other end that it inspires you to continue living into your dreams, whatever that is.

[00:00:29] Okay. And today I wanted to jump on. As always, I don't have a script, but yeah, I had a feeling of wanting to record this part of my journey as you know, my brand along, you know, it's always been a way for me to document my journey, my story, so that my audience would be able to see the process as it unfolds.

[00:00:51] A lot of the times we only see the highlight reels.  I wanted to give you that. The good, the bad and the ugly. I always see that, but it's true. Came in on the days that I don't feel like it. And, you know, as you could tell from our last episode covered a little bit about,  you know, feeling sad at times, or feeling having 

[00:01:09] depressed feelings or entirety come up. And especially as we're in this time, I mean, 2020 is going to be a year to remember Isaiah meme the other day, it was like, Oh, that's so 2020. It's like, it's going to be an emotion in itself. It's going to be a verb of its own. You know, when we get through this and we will get through this, but you know, take this time to also observe as that's what I'm doing right now.

[00:01:34] I'm observing all of these emotions. That are coming because of these times that we're living in. So some days I wake up and I'm like, wait, what, what state of the world? I can't even, I can't even process all of these fears that we have or uncertainties that are arising. But now what I'm seeing is all of those fears, uncertainties, all of these emotions that are coming up in our bodies.

[00:02:02] And I mean, how. Awesome. Is that going to be when we get through them, when we're able to heal them, when we're able to process these things, not been for 20, 20 happening. So how can we reframe all of these things that are occurring and look at it as a blessing and be grateful for it because we know that gratitude is the highest vibration.

[00:02:31] It's one of the best feelings that we can have. So if we could feel this way and the worst parts and the worst times of our, our society, how much easier it's going to be to feel gratitude on any other day. And so as I document my journey through this process, I'll let you know that, you know, this week it's been, it's been a crazy week, emotionally,  things happening just in my body, like uncovering emotions and,  actually showing up in my physical body, through pain and all of that.

[00:03:03] I've been exploring a lot of like listening into different parts of my body. Like, wow, my arm hurts. I wonder what that is. My knee hurts. I wonder what that's trained to tell me what am my body trained to tell me there in the past it was, well, what did I do to make my knee hurt? Did I lift too much weights?

[00:03:21] Did I do a squat wrong? Did I do something physically that caused physical pain? Because that's logical and that's easy to understand, but now I'm learning. The new me is starting to learn. Wow. My knee hurts. I wonder how I can explore that further. Where could that actually couldn't have come from some sort of emotion I was feeling, what is my body trying to tell me?

[00:03:54] How can I communicate with my body and my brain to kind of feel into that pain a little more. Do I need to, you know, do I need to take medication right away for that pain? Wherever it may be my back pain, my neck pain? Or can I sit with it even though it's a little uncomfortable for a little while longer?

[00:04:13] I mean, can I discover something that my body's trying to communicate to me? I mean, we were made with all these parts of our bodies and they all work in a wondrous way, but yet we're only taught to listen to our mind. Wouldn't it be interesting to access the ability to use every single part of this beautiful gift we were given of our bodies is the knee trying to tell us something some days is our lower back, trying to tell us something on those days, what I've learned through this process.

[00:04:48] And again, in exploring it, I'm, it's new to me to be able to see,  different parts of my body and like explore. Energy, you know, are my emotions as, as energy going through my body, when I'm feeling anger. Do I just look at the part of me that's mad? Do I just look at the part of me that's, you know, yelling or I'm upset at someone or, or do I look at the part that's deeper?

[00:05:16] Like when I'm feeling anger, what's actually hurting this. My neck hurt when I feel anger. So my back hurt does my posture change. If I were to deep Digger, dig deeper under that feeling and emotion of anger. Is there something hidden there that maybe needs to come up to be healed maybe as I can bring it to surface instead of burying it under this facade of an emotion of anger, because anger is an easy thing to just be.

[00:05:44] Would I be able to find something different? Would I be able to find a hurt feeling? Would I be able to uncover something? Then the past that made me feel hurt that now I'm expressing his anger because I still don't want to process that pain. So all I can say is it's been an interesting journey  as you follow mine, I want to continuously note these, these things down because I don't want to forget them myself.

[00:06:13] You know, I started a blog because I wanted to keep a journal. And I wanted to remember all these steps in the process. I have so many journals in my closet and at my house all along. I just write things because I love referring back three years to see, wow, what were my goals then? Where it was my mindset, then am I able to see growth?

[00:06:35] Because a lot of the times we don't. We don't value the steps that we've taken.  we don't always look back to see our progress. So keeping those journals for me, keeping the blog. Now keep having this podcast to refer back to and say, Hey, in 2020, I went through this and I got through this by doing this.

[00:06:55] How cool is it to now have a map to document, Hey, when you're feeling this emotion. Do this, because that's what you did the last time and it worked. And so for me, that's what this podcast is for. That's what journaling is for. That's what my blog is for. It's just a way for me to document my experiences, to refer back, to make sure that I'm creating new, healthy habits in the process many of times.

[00:07:23] And I catch myself. Just going on recurring loops loops. It's like you ever heard the record, just go round and round and round and playing the same part of the record. Well, and I don't know how that's going to sound on the other side of the mic, but that was fun to do. So, you have you all experience  through audio, right?

[00:07:47] So, so how does, if it's the annoying. When it's happening on our radio station or on a record player, how annoying is it to look back at your life and see the same loop over and over and over and over. And then imagine the people who are around us watching you do the same loop over and over and over what did it?

[00:08:13] It's, it's kind of like a dog chasing its tail. You're like, wow. What an idiot. So for my own life, I'd like to sometimes, you know, look at those loops, be aware of them, look at myself at times like a dog chasing its tail and then observe it and say, Hey, yeah, you kind of look down there, maybe change that.

[00:08:37] And so not saying the next time it's going to be perfect. Just this week. I caught myself going through a loop and I caught it. I was aware of it and immediately, like, I tried to play it down, but my sister was there and she's totally like giving me this look like you just did that again. And then in my head, I'm like, yeah, I just did that again.

[00:08:57] Okay. I'm an idiot. We called each other out on it. Like a couple of days later. She's like, I was going to tell you and I'm like, I know I seen it in your eyes, but you wanted to tell me, but I already knew. And then I'm like maybe the next around, I can just say it out loud and then we can like clear it and create a new pattern in our brain and then a new rewiring, however it is.

[00:09:22] But I mean, Sometimes these things sound so complicated and deep. And like you said, I got to read all the books or you have to know psychology, or you have to have a degree or know the right people who tell you the right things for you to do the right things. But honestly, everyone who's here listening to this podcast.

[00:09:40] We have all the tools we need right here within ourselves. When we're able to access them, we will be able to create. Impact beyond what we're even able to dream up. So as you continue on your life course, your journey, I encourage you to work with the resources that we have, feel your emotions deeper into when you're feeling physical pains in your body.

[00:10:11] Explore those things. And see, at times if you're operating out of a fight or flight mentality, are we burying our past traumas? Are we not, are we starting or creating fights in our life? Are we running away from things, the flight behavior, are we doing that so that we never have to face the things that need to be healed?

[00:10:34] And this week I'm a say, I went through several of those instances and. I know now that going through pain for me this week, it was actually literal physical pain in my back, my head, my neck. But, but now I'm slowly learning how to navigate that and not project it and other emotions onto the people I love the most.

[00:10:53] And so, as I turned on my microphone today, and I speak to you in this microphone, I am not an expert in this field at all. I know nothing about the right way to do things, but. It's been my desire and my mission to share these steps with you, even though I don't feel qualified enough to do so. I want to help the person who's in this same position as me today.

[00:11:22] And I won't be able to speak to her in exactly this way so that she can relate. And hear me if I wait one week till I've perfected this. And so whoever you are on the other side of this microphone, if you can relate to my story today. Thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for receiving this message and a day or two and three.

[00:11:46] If I waited a day later and I tried to script this out and I tried to create the perfect message for you, it would not be as impactful as, as it's meant to be right now. Because right now is I'm in the raw emotion. And all of that, I know that in these conversations, these are going to create the most impact for my listeners.

[00:12:10] Those also learning to dream into it with me, those on the other end of that, their speaker, this microphone, and, you know, it's always been not about finding perfection, but it's all of these in between spaces that I'm able to see the light. Get a glass, a little bit of air. And then we continue on learning and growing and going through these growing pains together, but always know that in those little spaces in between, we can, we can breathe.

[00:12:39] We can stretch and we can continuously grow. And when we're doing it together, that's where amazing things happen. And so thank you for being here today. Thank you for showing up for me, allowing me to show up for you and. I guess that's all for today. Have a great, we can everyone continue dreaming into it.

[00:13:02] 10 you practicing gratitude in every which way possible. Learning to find it in the tiniest tiniest things, whether it's the, just that little glimmer of sunlight coming through the clouds that day, whether it's that blade of green grass amongst all the Brown that day, whatever it is, little pieces of gratitude that you can hold, hold two throughout your day, your week, your month, your year, it's going to continue rising you up to be able to handle more and more and more, and to be able to heal.

[00:13:32] Further and also create an impact to all of those around you. So Aloha, continue to dream into it. Dreamers. I can't wait to see what's in store next week for all of you. Have a great weekend.

Outro: Mahalo for tuning in! 

I hope you enjoyed that episode. Keep on dreaming Into It Dreamers. The possibilities are infinite. 

If you love the show, share it with a friend and subscribe. I'll catch you in the next episode. 

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