17 - Fun Is Never Overrated

17 - Fun Is Never Overrated


Today on Dream Into It podcast, I am sharing a piece of my aloha energy with you. As always, I don’t have a script or structure to this episode. I just want you to see my process as it unfolds - including the good and the ugly.

We're running into the weekend and I hope you take the time to slow down and enjoy your Friday. Stop and take notice of the moments that are passing you by. Sink into the moments when you feel happy and refreshed.

My Friday reminder for you is to have fun. Inspiration comes from those moments when you're having fun and you let go of control. Never regret the times when you had fun and the times when you weeded out a few tasks in your to-do list. The person having fun is going to have way more energy.

Stay inspired. Stay motivated. Stay happy.

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Enjoy and have fun this weekend!


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[00:00:00] Aloha dreamers. It's Aloha Friday here in Hawaii and Kailua Kona. It's a beautiful day. And I just wanted to share a piece of Hawaii with you. A piece of my energy, my Aloha this morning, because I woke up and really feel recharged, refreshed, and happy and motivated and excited. And I felt like, what better time would it be to get behind the microphone and share that energy with all of you, whatever comes through through the microphone. I apologize in advance. I do not script it and it's unprepared. And it reminds me of a quote that I had when I had a retail store. Like five years ago, I put a sign up at the front entrance and it. Said it doesn't matter was a quote by Maya Angelu.

[00:00:47] Not sure exactly word for word, but it went something like people, aren't going to remember what you do, people aren't gonna remember what you say. They're going to remember how it makes you feel. And so with [00:01:00] faith in that, I know that being happy and having this really great energy today is what I wanted to share with you.

[00:01:06] So the words might come out a little all over the place, but I know with that, Authenticity with that honesty and that energy. You're gonna feel a little bit, a little bit more revived and root happy at the end of the show. That's that's my goal. but today, you know, I just, I wanted to remind you a Friday reminder, Friday reminder, what is it?

[00:01:31] Well, it's a reminder that I, I got this week and I thought it was vital to share with, with my. Dreamers in the audience. And I would say it's to have fun, Friday fun reminder. And the reason I think it's so important is I catch myself during this as well. It's, you know, running into our week, running into our weekend, as we're now, like in this Friday, running into a [00:02:00] weekend with a things to do on your list, like look at the list again.

[00:02:06] Like if, if 2020 didn't teach us anything 2020, didn't teach us that we have no control over anything happening around us. If instead, if we didn't learn that lesson, I don't know what it will take to teach us that. And to really, if we could really pick the good things that came out of this year, like for me, what it would be is like, Whoa, We are allowed to slow down.

[00:02:32] We're allowed to go through our, to do list our priorities in life and reassess because we've been running at 200 miles an hour as like a whole, like as a world. And, you know, if we were to look at this and flip it on its head this whole entire year, and if we were at half to pick something great out of it, like for me, what I could see is like, wow, I have no control.

[00:02:58] The things I thought really, really [00:03:00] mattered. Hm that's questionable now, like money. Hmm. Interesting. When that's just like up in the air right now, business also up in the air, all things, I don't know, time. Things like time, right? It's like, okay. We think we can control that by doing these, to do lists, block timing, a Pomodoro methods, like believe me, I've tried so many things to get more time.

[00:03:33] And it's funny because I'm finding that when I'm not focused on time, it's somehow doesn't exist. Right. It's somehow expands it somehow. Like. Goes away that, that rushing. I was like going through my day, my husband and I, the other day. And now we have, we have our, we have both our own businesses to run with four kids on top of it [00:04:00] now, this distance learning.

[00:04:01]and so if you like, it's, it's a crazy, crazy schedule. Right. But I found it so funny the other day I was like, Whoa, it's like super, like, it's just happening with ease. Like everybody's happy. And we're just going about this day, like normal, like this whole week, like, wow, what happened? Because I remember this same schedule with less things to do happening maybe a month ago, two months ago, three months ago.

[00:04:31] And it was like, Oh my gosh, this is hard. How are we going to do this? This is hard. I remember that feeling. And so just the other day, Which I would encourage you to stop and take notice as those moments that are passing us by when we don't notice them. And just like, like sink into the moments where things are great.

[00:04:53] We're seeing as feel like they're happening with ease. And I did that the other morning. I'm like, Whoa, that's [00:05:00] pretty darn cool. How did that happen? And when we sink into those moments, we can then dig into it more. Right. What I did is there I'm like, Whoa, what am I doing differently? Now we can AB test, like there's a business part of me.

[00:05:13] I'm like that's AB tests, like the results of how this happy feeling occurred and how that frustrated feeling occurred in the past. And how can I get more of this? And the more we look inward, guys, the more we go inward and we do the work and we, we search for the honest truth in, in the matter we're going to find it's not as difficult as it may seem.

[00:05:37] Like three months ago when I'm in those, in those places where I'm like, Oh, I'm so overwhelmed. I'm so frustrated my life so busy. And I can give you a hundred reasons of why I'm validated for feeling like I'm so busy and things are so hard and blood, blah, blah, blah. And I can totally convince you that my life is hard.

[00:05:56] Why I would want to do that. I don't know, but I can [00:06:00] admit to having done that in the past. Now, looking back hindsight, I swear. We leave ourselves clues every now and then we leave ourselves like a little snippets of clues. So our future selves can hopefully learn the lesson and pick up from it. And I look back and yeah, I'm like, wow, thank you past self.

[00:06:18] Thank you for teaching me how, what I need to do for it to be hard. Thank you for guiding me for now. Teaching me to look inward and. Get better at how to make it easier, how to make it happen with a little more ease. So I guess my Friday reminder of fun, how does that even pertain to what I'm saying here?

[00:06:43] Well, what I learned is those moments where we're having fun. How cool is that? All the inspiration comes there. What I'm realizing is all my best ideas came when I was having [00:07:00] fun or following a moment where I had fun and I'm relaxed and I'm enjoying life. And we think that running into things and checking things off the list gets things done faster, and we have some sort of control over something.

[00:07:15] And our scarcity minds go into this lack of abundance and we think we can control. We can control our lives. But the truth is that is not true. The truth is anything can happen at any given moment. So my reminder to all of you is you never, never, never regret the times you had fun. The times you looked at your to do list and we did help the things that maybe didn't have to get done that day.

[00:07:52] Maybe that list of 50 things to do. 10 of them were super, super important, maybe five [00:08:00] and perhaps putting the other 45 on the back burner for today might give you more energy for tomorrow because you're going to have had fun. It's not, it's not always easy, but let me tell you, when you get started in this process, It gets like, like it's like second nature now.

[00:08:22] I'm like starting my day and I'm like, Hmm, what does my body feel like doing today? Do it. I feel like, I know I got to exercise, but how do I make this fun today? Do I feel like doing stretches? Do I want to go for a run? Do I want to exercise? I want to ride the bike. Do I want to just do a core workout?

[00:08:41] Like this is how it works for my brain. Like every morning I'm like, like, all right. Exercise is good. Like it makes me feel good. The results of it. I know from my testing of my past experiences, when I exercise, when I get my heart racing just a little bit, I feel better. Life is good. So that's like a [00:09:00] non-negative for me.

[00:09:01] Right? Like we need to do that, but how am I going to do that? That's the part where I'm like, Oh, I get a choice. I get a little more control now. I get to do maybe a little 20 minute bike session, maybe a little 10 minute meditation. I don't know how it's going to look. So that for me, gives me that variety that I need.

[00:09:17] So look, I mean, I encourage you to look into your own, like what fuels you, what gives you energy to tackle that, to do less cause that to do list probably will get done at some, some, and not saying that it's not all not necessary, it will get done, but the person having fun. It's going to have way more energy than the person who's just kind of going about their day, checking things off the list.

[00:09:41] I'm talking like this. I don't know why, but I'm, as I talk like this, this person who checks things off the list, my body actually like hunches over and I'm like, walk, I can visualize a person who does that. Like just going around all tents and like unfun. It's like, literally when you see [00:10:00] fun, when you think of a fun person, you'd loosen your shoulders.

[00:10:03] I'm like moving my hands in circles right now. I'm like freaky and free it freed up all this energy in my system now to flow, we hear of being in flow. That's how you do it, guys. You have fun. Stay inspired, stay motivated, stay happy. Those that's how you get real results. And so that's your Friday fun reminder, and I hope that it helps you in some way.

[00:10:31] I know it well, if you really implement it, if you see me probably I'll probably be doing this, having fun, laughing, anybody who knows me personally, it's like, yeah, I'm pretty. I go, I go to the fun, always like my entire team very much is like, Tries to, we try to be logical. That's not my, expertise, I suppose, my expertise having fun.

[00:10:58] And so that's [00:11:00] your Friday Powell? Honda, Friday. You're a low her Friday reminder from Hawaii. And I hope that you implement this through the weekend, put it into your life. Like. Let me know how you had fun this weekend. I'd love to hear it in the comments on our Instagram, on our face. Look anywhere you are like just spread that stuff everywhere.

[00:11:21] Right? Sprinkle that fun anywhere you are, and it is contagious. So let's keep this fun wagon going and I we'll see you or talk to you all next week or. When I'm having fun again. And I turn on this microphone and I share more of that energy Aloha.

Outro: Mahalo for tuning in! 

I hope you enjoyed that episode. Keep on dreaming Into It Dreamers. The possibilities are infinite. 

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