18 - The World Lights Up When You Smile

18 - The World Lights Up When You Smile


I started something new in my Facebook group, Empowered By Fused Hawaii. We invited 30 random women to a Zoom live coffee date and we were just leading into this intention and desire for community. For this feeling of connection and building friendship.

I wanted to bring together 30 women in an intimate setting. To be able to sit in a room, have coffee and laugh. I wanted women to walk away with high vibes, friendships, smile and laughter.

Everybody is going through something different in their life. The goal of this meeting was to bring together a group of people who gets to be uplifted by someone else who is vibrating higher. Share their pains and struggles alongside their wins and joys.

When we come together and we share our pain alongside our joy, our sorrow alongside our happiness, we then get to experience this real human connection. No matter where we are in this globe, our status, our color, or life experience, it does not matter because at the end of the day we all want and desire connection.

We formed an Ohana and if it's something that you want, come and join us!

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Intro:  Aloha dreamers and welcome to today's episode. I feel really energized and alive right now. I just got off of our Zuma coffee chat. So it just started something new in our Facebook group empowered by fuse Hawaii, my private Facebook group. And there we invited about 30 women at random who I never signed up to this  zoom live coffee date, what it was going to look like, what it was going to be. I do not. No, I did not know. That was me stepping into faith, I suppose. And just leading with this intention and this, this desire for community and for feeling connection and yeah. For building friendships and yeah. You know, in the space that we're in right now.

[00:00:52] I mean, August in itself is been a slightly, but a little bit of a rough road to say, you know, it's, of [00:01:00] course there's so much joy and light and happiness amongst all the tapping in the world today. But at times we even feel the energy or the vibes of the world around us, even if it's not affecting us directly, it does affect us energetically and our bodies and we might not even realize it. And so my desire for bringing this coffee chat together in this group together, there was to have people in our community who maybe are going through different things in life, different hardships, different joys, all across the us right?

[00:01:39]even from a cost of world, if you are international, you want to join our community. Definitely come by and at empower by feast Hawaii and join our community of over 75,000 women. I believe now. And what I wanted to do here was bring together. Just a smaller, intimate setting, right? That about 20 [00:02:00] to 30 of us in this setting.

[00:02:01] And just getting to know one another, because I do think that sometimes a large community  we sometimes miss this intimate setting, getting, you know, to be able to sit in a room with your girlfriends and chat and have a drink, or whether today we had coffee and just laugh and smile. And I wrote down a bunch of things in the beginning. I asked everybody there. Why did you come here today? What do you want to take away at the end of this hour? Coffee chat, meeting, new women, meeting strangers and walking away, hopefully friends, friends at the end of it all. That's my goal to form these friendships, that I honestly, always. Been searching for my entire life.

[00:02:46]these really real connected relationships and friendships. And so what I wrote down from that question, from these women, these friends now, this Ohana that we formed, [00:03:00] were things like a smile. I want to walk away with a smile. I want to be able to just laugh. I want to feel laughter. Some said I wanted to feel more connected others.

[00:03:12] I want to walk away with energy. I want to walk away with friendship. I want to walk away with high vibes. With the feeling of productivity. So if this sounds like something you also want to walk away with, I would encourage you to come and join us. If it's not something you want. Yeah. Don't come and join us.

[00:03:34] But I wouldn't encourage all those who think that they too want to feel these, these things and walk away with that, come and join us on the links to our coffee chat in our group, in our community. cause I can say at the end of that hour, I too walked away with a little bit of each of those, those feelings in my body, in my heart.

[00:03:53] And so what was so awesome is we got to meet everyone. We went off into these [00:04:00] little rooms and one on one conversations with a stranger in the beginning, we were all strangers. And at the end, we walked away with friendships. Now they get to tag each other and say, Hey girl, like now I know you a little more and we can communicate and start there.

[00:04:15] And. The awesome part is like, there's nothing reckless or magical that I'm, I'm doing on my end. I'm literally just having my team organize this zoom, call, everything that is there. And that's created there is from the energy that. Every buddy individually brought to the table. So I can say this for sure that every single coffee date, coffee chat, whether we do a happy hour, one day the 31, and that show up and the energy that they bring is what's missing these experiences.

[00:04:49] Amazing. And that's, that's it full part to me because it's so unpredictable. Right? So it brings joy to my heart. Seeing, I mean, at the end of it all, almost [00:05:00] being brought to tears, what, the emotions that are happening in the group, because everybody is going through something different in their life.

[00:05:07] And that's what we need to remember now, as we go through our DS, it's, we're all we hear this we're all in this together, but really if we sit with that thought and we were to visualize what each and every person is going through on their own, the highs and the lows. It's my joy to be able to bring together this group of people, knowing that the person who maybe is having a hard day gets to be uplifted by the person who is having an experiencing joy and gratitude in the moment.

[00:05:40] And we get to come and we get to share our pains, our struggles alongside our wins, our joys, our satisfactions in life, because of that. That's what life's all about. The joy, the pain, how it's all at the same, it's all in the same spectrum. Right? We [00:06:00] experience all of it. That's the human part of us all.

[00:06:04] That's the beauty in it all. And when we can come together and we can share our pain alongside our joy, right. Our sorrow alongside ou  r happiness. We then get to experiences real human connection. And it's in those tiny little fragments of time than moments. The way I realized that no matter where we are on this globe on this planet, no matter the color of our skin, no matter our financial status, our gender, our sexual preferences, it doesn't matter.

[00:06:42] Any of these labels that we are put upon or this society of, or we've learned along the way. But what I've learned is that at the end of the day, each and every one of us wants desires, [00:07:00] connection wants and desires. If I could just narrow it down to this giving and receiving of love, and I think. Like just in the seven minutes that I've been talking to you.

[00:07:14] I think that it's that simple. And this is just my thoughts, of course, really raw in this microphone to you, just to kind of ponder on the thought that is isn't really that simple is love really the catalyst that can bring a little bit. Better world around us to humanity. And that's the only thing that I know for me that I can focus on that keeps my energy high.

[00:07:40] That keeps me grateful on the times that I feel down builds me up enough to come here and share this with you, because I really truly believe that sometimes we feel like such a small. Spec on this earth. Like our purpose is dwindling. Believe me. I get to those days as well. I've [00:08:00] experienced the highs, the lows, the spectrum of emotion, the low soul low, where your existence and your purpose doesn't even seem like it's a worth anything I've been there.

[00:08:10] There, I still go back and forth and these emotions because that's, that is okay. And we learn. And the beautiful part of it all is like the lows, the highs, everything comes with a lesson. And if we learn the lessons, no matter what, if we learn through this process, we're better for it. The world around us is better for it.

[00:08:33] Our children are better for it. Our spouses get a better, better wife or husband, our, our, Parents get better children because we've we express and these feelings within it's. Okay. And then we heal, I don't know sometimes why it turns on the microphone and I speak here to you, but I know that for [00:09:00] sure.

[00:09:00] It's this giving and receiving of love that we all desire. And I been forming my community Hawaii for a while now. Having seen this beautiful group of ladies come into their own selves and love on their bodies and themselves and see the women that they're becoming in the process. I, I can just take away from my own experience.

[00:09:25] Is that that's, that's all it is. It's loving our bodies, loving ourselves, loving our, our minds, our hearts, and loving ourselves to such a deep degree, that when we go out into the world, we now know how to give love away and to love others. And I think until it starts there from digging deep from going within, we don't actually know how to give it away properly.

[00:09:52] I found a lot of times in my life, I was trying to give and give and give. Parts of me that I didn't even [00:10:00] refined enough to where I could give it away properly. And so that's when I realized like, Whoa, you had some work to, do. You got some love to learn for yourself? Like when I, I started my community and my brand fused Hawaii, it started because I was a woman who needed to be and feel empowered.

[00:10:19] I am still the woman who is learning. To show love to myself in this process and to feel my pain, my hurt my trauma, my emotions, right. To let them flow through me so that I'm not projecting my hurt self my trauma into the world around me. But rather I am learning to feel my emotions, allow them to heal, allow them to flow through me properly so that the healed version of me.

[00:10:50] That part of me that can come back to love can now give love a little more freely. And I thought that that was an important [00:11:00] message that we all could possibly could inspire. All of you as you're sitting in your homes through this period that we're all in right now. It's not easy, but we're here. We're here together.

[00:11:13] And on the days where I have joy and happiness in my heart, like right now, I want to get behind this microphone. And I want to share that with you. Cause I know that coming through your speakers into your ears is a you're you'll be affected by it in some way. And all I want to serve you is, is that right?

[00:11:30] I read a quote on you always hear me say that. I read a quote. I read a lot of quotes. I love quotes. it said the world lights up when you smile. And so right now, I'm going to take this moment and I'm going to smile behind this microphone in hopes that it makes you smile on your end of the speaker.

[00:11:54] Because from that place right there, that's right. That's how you light up the world around [00:12:00] you and just wanted to share that. So all of you dreamers have a wonderful weekend, have a wonderful rest of your day. And remember that the world lights up when you smile and you are that powerful. If you don't believe it, you are that light in the darkness.

[00:12:16] And sometimes ladies, it takes a darkness for the light to shine through. So Aloha continue dreamers dreaming into it. And I will see you hear you the next episode, whatever that means, but I will be there. We present on the next episode. And I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you thought about this.

[00:12:42] Come over to our Instagram, my Facebook at Roxhill chill and drop me a line. Let me know your thoughts. Let me know if you agree that that giving and receiving of love. Can give back to the world around this Aloha, [00:13:00] have a nice day.

Outro: Mahalo for tuning in! 

I hope you enjoyed that episode. Keep on dreaming Into It Dreamers. The possibilities are infinite. 

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