19 - Find Your Way Back Home

19 - Find Your Way Back Home


Here we are again with another episode. As always, I don’t have a script or structure to this episode, I just want you to see my process as it unfolds - including the good and the ugly.

I wanted to change my view about Mondays. I realized that my negative view about Mondays also started to affect my view of Sundays and let it even creep into my Saturdays. So today, I did things that made me feel good. I felt grateful and fully present in the moment.

Find your way home. If we can rewire our brains about Mondays, how much more about other things. Rewire your brain and teach it to always be able to find your way home. All you have do is to be in the moment. Allow your body to guide you to find your path home.

What is your version of home? How does it smell and look like? Allow your mind and body to find its way home.

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