Dream Into It Pilot Episode: The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast

Dream Into It Pilot Episode: The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast

This is it! Our very first episode of Dream Into It podcast is live and I’m so excited! 

Join me as I celebrate this launch! I’ve been sitting on this idea for months now and it’s finally out in the open for everyone to listen into.

In this pilot episode, I talk about my journey as an entrepreneur, of how I’ve been able to start a swimwear company, Fused Hawaii,  from my garage with a $30 sewing machine and grow it into multiple 7 figures in less than three years. I also talk about my mission and what I hope to accomplish for the show, so tune in and see if this could be of value to you.

My hope for this podcast is to share inspiring stories and pages from my own book and that of other strong, successful women from my community who have decided to dream into it and overcome their own fears and obstacles along their way to success. Stories that will hopefully inspire you to never stop dreaming because I believe that you can live out your dream at every moment that you choose!

So, together, let’s Dream Into It!



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Aloha and welcome to the Dream Into It Podcast. I'm Roxelle Cho coming to you from my hometown, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. After building a multiple seven figure swimwear  brand from a dream starting in my garage, I became curious into learning how my thoughts created the reality around me.

This is the Dream Into It Podcast where  we will look into how powerful, inspired, motivated women like myself are able to rewrite the stories of their lives and step into their power. I am so excited to be able to join you on your journey of stepping into your potential and creating the life of your dreams. Mahalo for being here today, let's dream into it!


Aloha! I am recording this right now from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, episode number one. Oh my gosh! I am so excited to be here with you right now. This is day number one and I thank you for being here with me to join me on this journey. I am doing this! This is finally coming to life. This is episode number one of the Dream Into It Podcast.

I'm so excited. I'm going to take a deep breath right now because we're breathing life into this project, into this dream, and I'm excited. I'm so excited. I've been sitting on this idea four months now trying to come up with the perfect logo, the perfect name, the perfect ideas. In short, the perfect way to create a not so perfect podcast.

Then it came to me, "When have I ever, ever successfully managed to plan anything out perfectly in my life ahead of time?" Well, for those of you who don't know me, the answer is never. So, on with the program (which, for me, basically is no program), here we are! We're doing this thing. We are doing it  together.

Today we are having fun with one another and we are creating magic and that is my one goal. I am so excited to get started, so let's dream into it.

Welcome to my podcast. I'm Roxelle Cho. My role in this world is made up of the beautiful blessings of being a wife to my first kiss, a mom of four girls, founder of Fused Hawaii Swimwear.

I started this journey of growing my business from my garage. I wanted to create a swimsuit for myself after having my first baby girl. As my body was changing, I needed to create something that I could feel beautiful in and continue my active beach lifestyle here in Hawaii. I wanted my daughter to see, by my example, that a woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in her skin at every stage of life. So, with a $30 sewing machine from a garage sale and no design background, Fused Hawaii was born and has since grown into a multi seven figure e-commerce brand in three years - less than three years - of starting my online journey.

Well, why do I tell you this? Well, that was my first experience of seeing what my potential could feel like. I was hooked!

So a lot of you may be wondering what this podcast is about. So here's the story.

Dream Into It, for me, it stands for a representation of my own personal story, along with my mission to inspire. It makes me think of the words, "lean into it", but with a little more magic, and fun, and curiosity, and I just love that!

So when I was a little girl, or all of us as little kids, we can relate. You know, having big dreams, big goals, doing and thinking that we can do the unimaginable, thinking that we're waking up as superheroes every day. And we are taught as kids, and as we're growing up, to stop dreaming.

Well, I woke up one day in my adult life realizing that I don't want to - I don't want to stop dreaming! I sound like my two year old right there. She's always like, "Don't want to, don't want to!". Well, that's how I felt when I realized that I don't have to do that. We don't have to stop dreaming. I can live out my dreams at every moment that I choose, and this podcast is a reminder to all of us of just that. I've created the life I imagined and I'm working on it every single day and our dreams and our reality, they can be one and the same.

And here I will be documenting my story of growing myself alongside growing my business, becoming the successful entrepreneur I was meant to be, navigating through my own mindset limitations or any limitations that we set upon ourselves through the stories we choose to believe.

I will also be interviewing women from our community. My community; from a brand owner, a swimwear company, we have a growing community of thousands, tens of thousands of women who have stories of their own that I'm so excited to tap into and to share because I know that their stories can inspire others who are just like them.

We all have something great, and it's my job to use my platform to be able to share these messages, share these stories, and I'm just excited to be sharing the stories of these women who have decided one day to dream into it themselves, and I want to share with you the results they have seen as well as the perceived obstacles that they have overcome in  the process.

And, again, I say perceived obstacles because an obstacle or a problem is only an obstacle or a problem when we give it that name and we give it that power. So you're going to learn through this podcast that that's a choice, that we can choose to remove those obstacles and not give them our power in the process so I'm excited about that.

And my hope is to share stories here in Hawaii (we have a term that we call 'talk story’) because it's from these stories that generations after us are built on. So I invite you to join me as I 'talk story',  as I continue to dream into it, setting the pace to encourage each and every one of you here listening with me today to dream into it as well.

You will notice my episodes are short, little bite-sized pieces that I feel can add value to your day. I have a short attention span so I'm working with what I got. I like to use what I got. I make what can seem to be my limitations, I make those things my superpower. I hope these short little snippets and these moments add value to your day.

So let's continue. Let's jump in. Let's jump into our potential every single day, choosing to live our dreams at every waking moment.  I am so excited!

Thank you all for being here, mahalo. Mahalo from Kona, my hometown. I'm excited to not only share with you stories, but also snippets of Hawaii and sending the Aloha spirit of my hometown on the big Island of Hawaii to your home so you're able to get a little bit of Aloha sent to you through my podcast every single day. 

I'm just really excited to see where this is leading and I can't wait to show you what's to come. Thank you again for being here. Aloha.


Mahalo for tuning in! I hope you enjoyed that episode. Keep on dreaming Into It Dreamers. The possibilities are infinite. If you love the show, share it with a friend and subscribe. I'll catch you in the next episode. Feel free to dive into our show notes at www.fusehawaii.com and you can follow me on Instagram as well @roxellecho.

I'd love to hear from you. Comment on my recent post. What did you learn? Tell me your takeaways. 



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