15 - Can You Wear a Bikini While Pregnant?

15 - Can You Wear a Bikini While Pregnant?

Today’s conversation is going to take a little turn into bikini and pregnancy. 
One question I get asked a lot is, “Can you wear a bikini while pregnant?” I’ve been pregnant four times and as you all you know, I am the owner of a swimwear brand, Fused Hawaii, and it began because I was pregnant and I needed a bikini for my growing body.
In this episode, we talk bout confidence, the changes your body goes through during pregnancy, adjusting and giving our body what it needs, and just giving ourselves credit for how strong and beautiful we are. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook so many good things about who we are because of our insecurities.
If you can take away anything from this episode, I want you to know that every ounce of confidence that we can muster up in ourselves, that gets carried over to our children. What a gift that is to leave for them! Also, I want you to embrace all the changes and love your body mama, it’s been through so much!

So, to answer the question, YES! Absolutely! You can wear a bikini while you’re pregnant. No matter what shape, size, color, or age you are just ROCK that bikini! End of story. 

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Intro: Aloha and welcome to the Dream Into It Podcast. I'm Roxelle Cho coming to you from my hometown, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. After building a multiple seven-figure swimwear brand from a dream starting in my garage, I became curious into learning how my thoughts created the reality around me.

This is the Dream Into it Podcast where we will look into how wonderful, powerful, inspired, motivated women like myself are able to rewrite the stories of their lives and step into their power. I am so excited to be able to join you on your journey of stepping into your potential and creating the life of your dreams. Mahalo for being here today. 

Come on dreamers, let's dream into it!

[00:00:00] Aloha dreamers. How are you doing today? Today is a little different. The conversation's gonna take a little turn into swimwear and pregnancy and loving your skin. And you know that I am the owner, the founder of fusedhawaii.com, and started this business in my garage. And it began because I was pregnant and I needed a bikini for my growing body.

[00:00:31] And so this podcast is all about dreaming into it. Yeah. That is a part of this journey. I built this brand as a dream. And one question that we get out of the lot is, you know, can you wear a bikini while pregnant? So I felt like instead of having someone else answer that question for me on my team, I wanted to give you firsthand knowledge. I've been pregnant four times. I own a swimwear brand due to the fact of getting pregnant for my first time and wanting to feel comfortable and confident, beautiful in the skin that you're in. And so I felt very, very qualified right to speak on this topic when it came up.

[00:01:17] And I noticed that people in our Facebook group Empowered at Fused Hawaii, our private community, asked this question a lot. I noticed that on social media, we get this a lot, right. Can we wear a bikini while we're pregnant, ladies, what do you think about that? I wish I could hear your comments right now, do the other end of this microphone? Well, what do I think about that? Well, obviously I started an entire brand about it and yes, the answer is yes. And, while pregnant, I remember our first photoshoot for a Fused Hawaii at the time I was actually making handbags. I [00:02:00] wasn't even making bikinis  I found out I was pregnant.

[00:02:02] I was so sick was, I was so sick in the stomach queasy. And I'm like, why we're shooting bags at the time. And I'm like, what? It's happening? Anyways, fast forward, I was pregnant with my first child. At that time, I was in the water a lot more than I am now. I was surfing. I was active in my twenties. I was 24 at the time I was 23 when I was pregnant with her.

[00:02:26] So, you know, I needed a, a bikini that I felt beautiful in. Yeah. And I wanted to continue my active lifestyle. And it's so crazy. The things that hit you when you're pregnant, right. Moms, you know that all of the things that go through your mind and hike now, I'm not just responsible for my own self-confidence or anything.

[00:02:44] Right. I'm now responsible for this child within me lead another, a little girl who I needed to make sure it felt confident, beautiful, comfortable in the skin she's in. And how do I do that? If [00:03:00] I'm my body's changing and I'm feeling insecure, I'm on a cover-up. I'm worried about stretch marks. I'm worried about gaining weight.

[00:03:09] I'm worried about all the things that are totally normal and natural for a woman's body. When she's bringing in life into this world. Just some reminder. so yes, I've been pregnant four times, so it's four girls now. So I'm very much, aware of the body changes. I went from, E double. What was, I have no, a B cup, a small B cup to a 32 double D on my first pregnancy.

[00:03:36] And so I know how quickly the body changes. Again, did that four times over and yes, I know your body. My body was never the same as when it began. And so we've been on this journey. I'm still on this journey of loving my body, my ever-changing body. Let me tell you, your first pregnancy is not the same as your fourth.

[00:03:59] So [00:04:00] for all you mamas out there, with their first pregnancy, love your body. It's been through so much the mama's who has been through the second pregnancy. Again, love your body. You brought an entire human into this world and that's such, that's such a strong accomplishment. It's such a, something we don't, we don't credit ourselves enough for so three kids, four kids.

[00:04:26] I know women who have 12 kids or more. It's like you deserve a medal. And so let's take this moment right now, breathe into the skin that you're in, right? Like take a breath, take a breath, into your stomach. Take that breath deeply into your stomach and feel like the life and the love that lives there and say thank you.

[00:04:56] And thank your body for everything that it's [00:05:00] done for the little human that you brought into this world and, and your body for being so strong. Because I think a lot of the times we don't thank our bodies enough and give them the love that they respect that it deserves. And that was my, my entire mission for starting this brand is how do I, when I created my first, Kohanaiki top, I.

[00:05:24] I didn't know how to, so I didn't know what I was doing. I just knew that I had these breasts that I needed to cover and they were, and I need  do it in a way that it could be adjustable. I'm like gonna get graphic here, but it was changing sizes. I went from a B to a double D it's like overnight.

[00:05:44] Literally my child was premature and breached and I literally, it changed overnight. And so the milk came in so quickly. And so. At that moment. It's like I needed a top that I could adjust. And in four pregnancies, I tell you now I wore [00:06:00] that same Kohanaiki top that I designed not knowing how to design, but I designed out of my body that was changing and growing, I then brought other bodies into the mix, my friends and my family. G cups, 40 G cups. Like I've known, K-cups like the letters that I didn't even know existed. And we brought them in, and what I learned is that everybody had its own needs, that the bikini couldn't be designed around a mannequin, the mannequin did not know what it felt like to grow overnight. The mannequin did not carry a baby in her womb. The mannequin did not have the curvatures of a natural woman's body. And that's what we wanted to 'do. That's what I wanted to do when I designed this top for me. So I literally, I cut fabric up. I sold [00:07:00] it. I would take it out to the beach and I would wear it.

[00:07:03] And I remember the first time I created the Kohanaiki top, and the Kohana bottom., it's still our best selling to date, but what was amazing about it was the way I felt when I took apart, all the things I loved about swimwear and I put it in these patterns and I sat on the beach and I felt confident, beautiful, sexy.

[00:07:21] And I created the design that I wanted. Like it brought tears, tears to my eyes because it was the first time ever. Even though my body was in a state, maybe that wasn't like, I'd been considered before I used to work out way more. I used to be a teenager. Did it. I'm not going back to my teenage body anytime soon.

[00:07:41] So that's a little weird that we, I want that thought. So I just think, yeah, that, you know, that moment that I felt that feeling, how was I going to share this with the world? How was I going to allow every single woman to feel that? And that's how the brand was started. And so when we come [00:08:00] back to, can you wear a bikini while pregnant?

[00:08:02] I will say yes, over and over and over again, since being pregnant with my first, I have designed our swimwear for our bodies to be changing. I designed the swimwear to go through our weight changes because that is part of life I had right now have in my closet, three different size runs at times. And it's just, sometimes I slipped up between sizes just in a week because some days I want minimal covers some days I want more coverage some days, you know, I, I want a tan, some days I want to go to a family outing and there's a certain amount of coverage that I like. And so when it comes to pregnancy, what I, my personal favorites are the Kohanaiki top. You know, I don't wear one piece of too much, especially with the baby bump because it was.,you know, t was uncomfortable. I wanted to show off that bump too. It's something to be proud of nowadays. It's like, it's, it's so cute to have and have [00:09:00] photos of this baby bump. And I have enough photos of all of them, but you know, it's like what, when I, I get asked this question, can we wear a bikini while pregnant?

[00:09:09] I don't even know what to say because the only answer that comes to mind is yes. And you can rock it and you can love your body and you can love your Baby body. And guess what the baby that you bring into the world is going to love you for that. And even more so love their own bodies because they get to look at a mama who's smiling and happy and loves the skin she's in.

[00:09:33] So if anything, you take away from this. And it's just that, to know that in every ounce of confidence that we can muster up in ourselves, that gets carried over to our children and what a gift that is to leave with them and thinking back to my childhood days, it's like, I do not remember what my mom was wearing.

[00:09:56] I don't remember how much she weighed. [00:10:00] I don't remember. I don't remember a lot of things about those parts of life. I remember that we had fun. I remember that we were laughing. I remember that if I can look back at a photo, I remember that memory and how cool it was to have that memory, to remember my mom and those moments that we spend laughing with my sister and I, and w you know, times when we spent at a hotel pool that will never be forgotten because what didn't get in the way of that was confidence or lack of like, there are times that.

[00:10:40] We sometimes for goal with these moments on these memories, because we want to hide behind a T-shirt, hide behind us, the wrong height, you know, I, every now and then I still feel like that ladies, I'm not perfect. And so perfectly imperfect as my slogan for a reason. Right. Wants you to know that as much as we can and, and never, [00:11:00] never tried to beat this into where you have to do it perfectly every day.

[00:11:03] There's still days. I don't feel comfortable in my skin, but I'm gonna try. And I'm going to create awareness around this and knowing that if I can love myself a little more, my daughters can love themselves a little more and we can have these moments and memories to look back on. And to know that every time we choose confidence, we choose love for ourselves.

[00:11:26] Love for our bodies. We're choosing these moments. We're choosing these memories and we're never, never going to, we're never going to regret that. You're never going to regret these times you spent laughing. I mean, why sit there and be worried about covering up, putting our arms over our stomachs, right?

[00:11:49] Pulling our shorts down to cover whatever mark, stretch marks who might have, or a shirt down to cover a sitting there on the side while everybody's laughing and playing. [00:12:00] Don't let's leave those moments in the past. Let's just all as a community, come together and remind each other of how much beauty, love, and respect is laid right here in this body, how strong we are, how capable, how confident, how beautiful lets that, let that override all of the thoughts of insecurity.

[00:12:25] Let those thoughts of confidence, beauty, and strength becomes so strong that the other thoughts don't even have time to surface. And if we can do that for each other, as women, that's where things change. That's where the world as a whole can shift. I believe that's where, that's where we hear a few, the why we build this community to remind you constantly to love the skin you're in because we know that by doing so., we're going to create a better world around us. [00:13:00] Again, I don't focus on, how I focus on why and why that is because I want to live in a world like that. I want to be a part of a community like that. And I want to be around surrounded by women who are laughing and full of joy and full of strength.

[00:13:17] That's the kind of world I want to live in. And so to answer the question, can we wear a bikini while pregnant? Yes. And you can wear a bikini yet any time of your life. Okay. Pregnant or not 80, 90, 60, whatever age you are. Yes, you are allowed. Here is the permission. If you're looking for validation, you don't need any, but if you are, here's your permission, here's your permission slip. Get out there. Rock that. Bikini ladies, no matter what shape, size, color, age, just rock that bikini. End of story Aloha.

Outro: Mahalo for tuning in! 

I hope you enjoyed that episode. Keep on dreaming Into It Dreamers. The possibilities are infinite. 

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