6: You Are More Powerful Than You Think

6: You Are More Powerful Than You Think

Being in quarantine this past month has taught me a lot about myself. We're all forced to go within ourselves which, to me, is such a blessing being able to really dive deep into our thoughts and feelings.

So, in this episode, I want to talk to you about one thing I’ve learned about myself as I reflect during this quarantine. I took a trip down memory lane to look at the person I was in my past and the person I am now as a mom and a multi seven-figure business owner and what I realized is that a lot the big and difficult decisions I’ve made that have lead me to where I am now, have been based on my intuition.

I haven't gone to an Ivy League school, I don’t have a fancy piece of paper that shows my credentials, but what I have is the life I have now, the business that I've built, my family, and my team! I didn’t need all of the accolades and academic achievements to be blessed with so much. I have all these things because I followed my intuition and trusted in it one hundred percent!

In case you need to hear it today, you are enough! We all have the power within ourselves to lead a happy and meaningful life only if we listen and honor our instincts.

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Aloha and welcome to the Dream Into it Podcast. I'm Roxelle Cho coming to you from my hometown, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. After building a multiple seven-figure swimwear brand from a dream starting in my garage, I became curious about learning how my thoughts created the reality around me.

This is the Dream Into it Podcast where we will look into how powerful inspired, motivated women like myself are able to rewrite the stories of their lives and step into their power. I am so excited to be able to join you on your journey of stepping into your potential and creating the life of your dreams. Mahalo for being here today, let's dream into it!


Aloha dreamers and welcome to the Dream Into It Podcast. I am so happy to have you here today with me. I feel so passionate about this subject that we're going to be talking about, and that's the subject that's kind of hard at times -  it's trusting ourselves, trusting our intuition, letting our bodies, our minds and our experiences of the past, present, future guide us through this life. 


Being in quarantine this past month has taught me a lot about myself. It's made us all not only literally go indoors and inside, but as we are inside on these lockdowns with some of the closest people in our lives, the people we love the most, how grateful we are for that.


It's also encouraged us or in a way forced us to dive within ourselves. As much as quarantine - it's been uncomfortable or things have changed and shifted in our schedules and our lives. If we can just flip the script on it and look at things from a different perspective, it can be a benefit during this time, as we were all forced to slow down. 

We're all forced to go within ourselves and get to know not only ourselves but how we navigate being surrounded as well with the people that we love. And so I find this as a blessing. I count this as one of my gratitudes to be living during this time where we're able to experience this uplevel and rise as a community, as a global, a worldwide community. 

So today's topic, it's something that came to mind this week because it taught me a lot about the person I was in my past and the person I am now.

I want to talk about trusting your intuition. (I just want to make sure we're kind of all on the same page) "What is intuition exactly?". 

Well, for me, it's this feeling that I have within my body. It's something that sometimes only I can experience. When I'm experiencing this intuitive or intuition type feeling in my body, sometimes on the outside, people don't feel it. 

It's my intuition. It's not theirs. To be able to trust something that only you can experience - I learned. In the past I didn't do that because I didn't know that, that it was okay to be able to trust our bodies, to trust ourselves, to trust something that other people weren't validating.

That was a weird concept. I think back when I was 10 or 12 years old, I would go to school and we'd have to learn in a certain way. And it was so structured and I never could understand why I wasn't able to learn in those ways - to sit for long periods in a classroom, to stay focused on a lecture being told.

As I went through high school, all those years I always thought there must be something wrong with me. If I can't sit here like everyone else, if I can't be quiet without fidgeting like everyone else, if I can't focus on this teacher's instruction, there must be something wrong with me.

The reason I made this episode is because now in my thirties looking back, I realized there was nothing wrong with me. I just needed a different way to work with my body, my mind, for me to optimize my learning. And through those 20 something years to get to here, I've learned a lot of things that have helped me.

The reason I continue learning and growing, as you all know, I have four girls.  Four baby girls who I know without me knowing the tools that I can give to them. I want to do the best that I can to be the best version of myself so that when those times come, they can maybe have and be more equipped than we were in times past.

So anything that I can do to help eliminate those stress factors or to just help my daughters to navigate through their lives a little bit better (what I mean by that) is just trusting that who they are and what they think the way they work is enough. It will always be enough. Every day that they get their head up off that pillow, they will know that they are enough.

That's my dream. That's my goal as I continue to dream about my life. That's my greatest intention, is to be able for my four daughters to everyday wake up off that pillow and know that they're just enough and everything around them that they need, they already have. 

As we go more into this topic of intuition, what brought this to mind is as I run a business (a multi seven-figure business), my team's grown. I've grown, problems in your business also grow, so as you scale business, everything else scales around you. It's the yin and the yang. The good with the bad. There's always this balance to it and that's the beauty of it all. 

If I had to choose over again, the challenges that have come my way have only made me better. It has made my life better and has made the person I am on the inside (a little more grown my heart, mind, all of those things) and all at the same time, learning to just minimize the ego through this process.

I want to talk to you a little bit about that intuition because when I look back and I look at the person I am now, the number one thing for me is trusting now, trusting into my body, trusting how I feel. And it's the right decision that I'm making to trust those gut instincts. And I see that because nowadays I have to make a lot more decisions.

I have a larger team now. People are relying on me. My family relies on me. My customers rely on me, and my community relies on me to make decisions that matter.  

I haven't gone to these schools or big establishments for the education of some sort. I have nothing to my merit that makes me qualified. Right? Like really, logically if I were to trust my logical brain, which for me, I know it doesn't exist that much, and my entire team knows that I never operate out of this logical brain.

So when it comes down to the paperwork, I don't have this merit of schooling or all of these accolades behind my name. But what I do have is the life that I lead, the business that I built, the families that I have, the relationships that I have, and the fullness of life that I live in. That's what I have. 

Every single day I wake up and grateful for exactly where I am. And looking back at my childhood and my teenage years, my twenties, I went through a lot of anxiety, depression, mental health issues. You know, even times  I've had postpartum depression three times - I have four kids. 

Did I know at the time what I was going through? Not really. I just went through it. Kind of felt alone in the process. The reason I document and I talk about these things is because whoever's out there and listening to this podcast, she wouldn't have to feel alone. She can know that she's not alone. We've all been there.

We're going through this life together as this collective consciousness. I use the word consciousness because for me, the intuition (if I were to kind of explain it to somebody who perhaps is unfamiliar with it), it stems from this nonlinear dimension of our minds.

It's that part where that unconscious connections and associations are mead and arise within our conscious mind so seemingly out of nowhere. So basically it happens without our knowledge. It happens outside of our conscious awareness. So to make sense of that in a logical way is beyond me because I don't know logic at all.

I operate a lot of what is the right brain or left brain? The Majority of my life and existence is out of the right side of my brain I believe. So that's a side responsible for creativity, imagination, artistic ventures, musical things, and our emotions. And on the left side of the brain, it's connected to logical reasoning and critical thinking. I believe I have both. 

But most of the time I choose to operate it from the right if I had a choice. And every time I try to go against my natural inclinations of who I am and don't get me wrong, operating from the left side of the brain is super, it's great. I have an entire team around me who supports me, who helped me with the logical parts.

So if I were to not have that, you know what I would be where I'm at today? No, not necessarily. It's being able to feel into, "What is your story? Who are you? What are the stories you were told of who you were growing up, and who are you actually?"

Living and feeling into that, I realize in the past, a lot of my depression, my anxiety as a child came from trying to fit a mold that was not built for me. It wasn't the mold that people might've thought was for my best interest. 

I remember being in school, in elementary they were putting me in these advanced classes, these enrichment type classes.


I was like, "What's happening? How come I can't stay in this class with my friends?" 

"Well, no, you belong here. You're smarter. You need to work in this box"

I remember I had to leave. It was like fourth grade, third grade. I kept getting taken out of my classroom and put in these enrichment classes. I remember one year I just rebelled.

Looking back at my childhood, I rebelled a lot and I was in trouble a lot. My first time in the principal's office was in kindergarten. I kicked the teacher and ran out of the door. Who kicks a teacher? A kindergarten kicked a teacher and ran up the door.

I wouldn't be living as a parent I think today. So I think back to what my mom had to be, is a rare breed of a mother. That's all I have to say. Without her as my mother, I definitely would not be who I am today and all the things that I've accomplished and I'm proud of. It's only because I had a mother to guide me in the perfect way that was meant for me. 

I looked back at those times and this little child I remember how  I felt. I remember that day they put me in these classes and I had all this extra work. I got a whole week, I was like, "What is happening?" I couldn't be around my friends. I had to be with these kids that I just met. I was like, okay so after a few weeks in that class, I dropped out. I just walked out. 

I noticed I did that a lot. I was just looking back and thinking back, what was happening in my little girl's brain? That kindergarten, I was kicking the teacher and ditching class, but guess where I'd go?

I would go to my sister's classroom. She was in fourth grade and I'd sit behind the class and study with the fourth graders cause I just felt comfortable there. I just felt like I didn't want to read the books we were reading in kindergarten. I wanted to read the books with the fourth graders.

It was a very strange time for me. I get taken out of those classrooms. I got taken to the principal's office in kindergarten. He's talking to me and I just remember enjoying these conversations with these individuals, even the principal at that time. I felt so mentally stimulated at the principal's office because we could have a conversation that I felt comfortable in.

Whereas in the kindergarten class, I got a little fidgety. I was a little bored. I like to run amok and get into trouble. I just don't know. Again, it was a box that wasn't meant for me. 

And so fast forward into these enrichment classes - I dropped out. I would leave. I just walked out one day and I told them, "I don't understand why I have to be here. Why am I forced to do more work, more homework?"

I was having fun in my other class and they're like, "Well, this is what's gonna prepare you for college. This is what's going to prepare you for your high school education and being placed in higher and advanced classes there"

I remember being in fourth or fifth grade and I told the teacher, "This makes no sense at all. I have no desire to continue my college education. I have no desire to do extra homework". Fourth or fifth grade I said, "You are telling me I should be here because I'm smart or smarter in a sense. So if I'm smarter, why am I going to sign up for this extra schoolwork?"

I'm sorry to all the teachers of my past and all the educators that were there for me during those times. You're trying to do your best and instruct me as best as he could through those times. I do appreciate all the work that you did for me. 

There are a lot of the teachers that I still remember, there's always those few teachers that made a difference in your life. Those were the ones that have this understanding that some kids needed a few different types of instruction and curriculum. Thankfully I got through all of that schooling. I tried college for a little bit but dropped out.

And you know, what I'm getting with all of this is back then, that intuition piece, that gut feeling, that gut instinct, it was there the whole time. I just didn't know how to implement it. I didn't know how to trust it.  

Looking back, honestly, if we're honest with ourselves, are we allowed to trust it? Are we allowed to live into our intuition like we are now, where we can speak up and have a voice and go against the grain as much as we are as women now? Maybe not so much. 

Possibly those times that had happened, I needed to go through it. Because I do believe that everything in our lives does happen at the right timing and for the right reason.

Through those areas of my life, I was able to grow and learn and now be here with all of these tools that I can share with others. Looking back at that, I look at my life now where depression and anxiety, just two or three years ago, was a lot more prevalent. And I'm like, "Where are those feelings now? What happened? How does it change that drastically?"

I mean if anybody, and if ever anyone of you has been through depression - I know, cause I've been there, I have friends who are bipolar. I have friends who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I know the depths of the layers and these emotions that come through. And for me how dumbfounded I am on some days to not feel like there's no reason to be here.

It blows my mind that dark cloud that hovers over you on those days isn't there right now. I could see the light every single day. There was a time, coming to this point here where even on the days I could see the light, I'm still waiting for that darkness to come back.

That feeling where you know, it just doesn't feel right. You don't feel happy, and now I'm here today to tell you that you know it's possible. It's possible to get through that time and it's possible to continue dreaming into your life and creating this reality. And you know, it's this intuition. It's back to this intuition again. 

For me it happens a lot as I grew my business to where it is, I always questioned myself. I questioned the way this community has grown. I questioned the way if I was the person to lead this community, lead this team, and I went through this time where I'm like, "No, I don't think I'm ready. No, I don't think I'm worthy. No, I don't think I deserve to be that person that does that. That's meant for someone else".

Realistically, all of those things were in front of me because I was worthy. I was the person that was called to do that work. It was deserving. I was ready at the moment that clicked. And the moment that I knew that everything that shows up in our lives, it comes from within us.

So everything on the outside that's happening now, it's coming from within ourselves. The reality we see around this reality, the life we create. I can never complain about what's happening around me, but what people are doing to me because I know that within myself, I have the ability, I have the power to shift.

That perspective to flip the script and to look at life differently, it's those little moments of gratitude. It's those moments when you know you can choose to come home or be home right now in this quarantine and this lockdown and look at the house around me. Some days I'm like, "The house is a mess. Everything is a mess. Everything's, the kids, they're driving me insane".

All of the thoughts that flow through our heads as moms, as business owners, as humans, it can be like "My husband's driving me insane, my house is messy. My kids, I can't handle them today". Those are all not normal thoughts, but in that same instant, do we have the ability to flip the script?

To go within ourselves, to look at the world around us in a completely different way. And I choose today to look at the world around me in that same scenario in a way - I have shelter, I have a home, I have a home for my family, my kids, my husband loved me. How freaking cool is that?! It's the same scenario.

It's a completely different reality. And let me tell you now, living life in that reality ( I can tell you from experience) is a whole lot more splendid. I woke up this morning - I did a 20-minute workout and a few stretches. I did a 15-minute meditation. I just looked at the sky around me in my yard and I'm like, "Holy moly! I can't believe I'm here right now. The sky is so blue. This view is beautiful".

I remember 20 or 30 years ago, did I even dream that I'd be here today? No. How many blessings can you count today that you may have wished for five years ago, 10 years ago? Right? Sometimes we forget. 

Sometimes we forget that we're living the life that we imagined. Sometimes we forget that the people in our lives, we brought them into our lives. We asked for people's people.

They exist because we somewhat created them within ourselves in our reality because we asked for it. Our thoughts, our actions are in alignment with the reality around this right now. So being a tune with our thoughts, bodies, our minds, our intuition, you can shift the world around you.

We have so much power within us, and it's amazing. And that's what I want to share today as I chat with all of you through this podcast. I just wanted to bring that to your attention. A whole part of why I started this podcast, is just to connect with my audience on a more personal level.

Share the things that I'm feeling as I go through life as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a mom of four, anything that I find a value to my own life. I want to share it with you in hopes that it can provide you value too. And you can continue dreaming into your life and living exactly the life that you imagined. Cause I know it's exactly it's from those thoughts that create the action, that creates your reality.

What I learned is to go within myself. It's so funny cause we're here in this quarantine now, this episode of a pioneer, a little bit, maybe three to four weeks past this, but as we're all here in this quarantine, it's funny because we are somewhat forced to go within ourselves.

I mean, we're forced to go inside our homes. But if we were to think about it, we're also forced to go inside of ourselves. Be surrounded by people who we care about. The most important people in our lives are with us right now. And it's funny to see how we navigate through this because inside of ourselves at times can be the scariest place for some. 

For some, they're so busy, they're so focused on moving around so fast. Doing all the things and checking things off our list and going, going, going that right now when everything has stopped. When the world around us through this pandemic has come to hope. It's uncomfortable and it's scary. And the reason this episode I wanted to bring it up is as we navigate through this scary part of ourselves, a lot of things will arise - emotions, feelings. 

There are heavy things that we carry within our bodies, and if we don't catch them in time, they show up in physical elements in our health. And so let's not go there. Let's stay here. Let's be here. Let's keep healthy. Let's keep on moving, growing, and getting through life in the happiest way that we possibly can.

So as you know, as we learn more about our intuition. I'll share with you a few things that helped me kind of navigate my way out of depression, anxiety, and of course life's a pendulum. We go back and forth. There's days, nights where I still get sad. There are days where I still feel overwhelmed and anxious. But not to the levels or the degree at all of what I used to do.

Life is so much better. Just having a few tools that you all can have as well - these are things like allowing ourselves to listen, to be quiet, to listen to our bodies. The things that are helpful too to me is like that quiet time, that space. Whatever you do, prayer, meditation, just be quiet.

My family would laugh at this because I talk a lot. Hence the reason for this podcast. But honestly, I've learned meditation. It's helped me to calm my mind. It's helped me to just slow down. My thought process as a kid, like a brain, would just race, race, race. And adults didn't understand it at the time. They call it EDD. They gave you medication for it. 

Right now, I'm still that little kid. I still have racing thoughts. I still have a lot of things in my head. But now I have the tools to calm them down. To just slow down the thoughts so that you're able to see your thoughts a little clearer.

Do you go to word study? What's your feeling?  The reason I decided to learn a lot about these things and myself is that I have four daughters. They're just like their mommy. So any way that I can help them navigate through their emotions, I want to do that. 

I want to be able to give them these tools that are within ourselves so that every day they know that when they wake up, they get their head off the pillow, that they have everything they need. As we're here and we're going through this process, those are things that I just wanted to leave with all of you. 

Trust your gut. Trust the feelings that you have and feel them. Allow yourself to be quiet -  to listen to your body and be real with yourself. Some feelings are going to arise as you're quiet. Some things come up that you didn't even know were there.

Can you listen to them? Can you feel those feelings that sometimes are not so pleasant? And if we allow ourselves to feel those feelings, what I've learned is that it allows us to heal that as well. So they're going to come up and know that this is normal. 

Know that in that quietness you might cry, you might get angry, you might feel an emotion you didn't even know existed. But now, you're able to see it. You're able to feel it. You're able to heal it. 

Once you heal that, stay open. Stay open to what lies ahead. Allow this process to take place. Enjoy this life of yours. Enjoy this healing that's taking place right now in the world today. And what helps me navigate through this as well, to put things into perspective.

As I trust my own body, my intuition and I respect and love myself. Learning to do the same for others and learning that their course, their journey, their lives do not have to look exactly like ours. As I said earlier, with the right brain and left brain, it's like not everybody's the same. It's okay and we're all in this together, which is so awesome to have other people.

Navigate their lives differently because now I can tap into their potential. That's the cool part. It's like I'm surrounded by a team of people who know things I don't, and that's great that they're masters in those fields. I don't have to master that anymore. 

I just tap into, I'm like, "Hey, can I tap into your skill? Hey, can you help me here? This is what I got. I know this well, but Hey, I love what you do".

And that's okay too. You do things a little differently. I think if we could have a world that understands that to not only love and respect ourselves. Self-love is so prevalent right now. But how well can we love and respect everyone around this as well? And knowing that if we can all come together in our mastery, stepping into our potential, how cool would that be? 

And so that's my little rant for today. I just wanted to tune in and come back at you with something that it's been all my mind. I hope that provided a little bit of clarity for you.

I know I come here and I just talk to you from my heart and soul. And I hope it resonates with somebody out there listening to this podcast today. 

Thank you for being here today. Thank you for allowing me to dream into it, and I encourage you as well to join this journey with me. Dream into it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you thought about this episode.

All right. Aloha. 


Mahalo for tuning in! I hope you enjoyed that episode. Keep on dreaming Into It Dreamers. The possibilities are infinite. If you love the show, share it with a friend and subscribe. I'll catch you in the next episode. Feel free to dive into our show notes at www.fusehawaii.com and you can follow me on Instagram as well @roxellecho.

I'd love to hear from you. Comment on my recent post. What did you learn? Tell me your takeaways. 



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