3 Ways to Style Your Kohanaiki Bikini Top

by Fused Hawaii October 15, 2019

3 Ways to Style Your Kohanaiki Bikini Top

Bikinis are more than just pieces you throw on to jump in and out of the pool; they are entire fashion statements that can be dressed up, down, styled, or mix and matched with other cover-up items.

If you’re looking to know more about some of our top bikini styling tips, check out our 3 ways we recommend you wear your Kohanaiki bikini:

  • High Rise Jeans & Flats:
  • Our Kohanaiki bikini top is gorgeous, playful, and supported in all the right places, which is why you can treat it as a top with any high-rise pair of jeans, or mom jeans, out and about throughout the day. Pair it with some flats or slip-ons, and a jean jacket (or maybe a flannel). Now you have an entire outfit that also makes it easy for you to get to/from a body of water.

  • Sarong & Beach Hat:
  • Sarongs are a great and flattering way to cover up your mid-section and hips while still hinting a tease of our Kohanaiki bikini. Grab a sarong of any choosing, wrap it around your waist and let it hang down, while you pair it with a big beach hat. Right now, the bigger the beach hat, the better.

  • Overall Dresses/Rompers:
  • Want to turn the Kohanaiki bikini into something out of a music video? Grab a plunging overall dress and use the bikini as your “sports bra” underneath it with your favorite pair of keds or flip fops. 

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    The sky is the limit with your Kohanaiki bikini. Have fun with it!

    Fused Hawaii
    Fused Hawaii


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