6 Quick HIIT Workouts to Try in the Morning

6 Quick HIIT Workouts to Try in the Morning

We all wish we could workout more. If we had 4-hours to ourselves every day, it wouldn’t be a question. The problem is that between family, work, meal prep, socializing, and traveling, it can be hard to fit in exercising. When time gets crunched, we forget about working out altogether, ignoring the importance of movement and sweating for our mind, body, and soul.


If you only have 30-minutes to spare in the morning, fear not. There is a form of exercising that has been proven to kick-start your metabolism and keep it humming along more aggressively than any other form of exercise today. It’s known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).


What is HIIT?

HIIT is based on the premise of short bursts of all-out exercising, followed by intermittent period of rest. The circuits can be repeated three or four times, for a total workout routine of just 15-20 minutes. Amazingly, in just 20-minutes, your body will burn more calories and experience resistance strength training than if you were to slow jog for an entire hour.


HIIT can also be done anytime, anywhere. You don’t need fancy equipment or a gym to make it happen.


Here are six quick HIIT workouts to try in the morning:


  1. Modified Push-Ups:

Being able to do full push-ups for an entire 60-second interval is going to be challenging for a lot of us. That’s why you can do what are known as hand-release push-ups. Get into the push-up position and place your body all the way flat on the floor, release your hands, place them back, and repeat. If this is too hard, you can drop to your knees as well.


  1. Burpees:

The dreaded burpee. Start in a standing position with your arms straight above your head. Jump up, and as you come down, drop into push-up position. You can either do a push-up, or hold the plank position, bringing your feet back underneath you as you stand up to jump in place again.


  1. Lateral Lunges:

Step to one side of your body, with that leg out all the way to the side. Keep the other leg completely straight while you lunge to the side, feeling the strain in your quads and glutes. Go back and forth, side to side, for 60-seconds, and feel a serious burn.


  1. Mountain Climbers:

Get into a plank position with your shoulders squared over your wrists. Quickly drive each knee into your chest, back and forth, as if you’re climbing up a mountain.


  1. Planks:

Planks can seem so simple, yet be so challenging. Get on the ground, face down, with your feet and elbows balancing your torso above the ground. Try and hold the position for 60-seconds. If you can’t work your way up to it starting in 30-second intervals.


  1. Flutter Kicks:

Finish off any great HIIT routine with an ab burner, like flutter kicks. Lay on your back, with your arms behind your head, and your back flat to the ground. Lift up both of your legs and start to flutter, back and forth. You’ll feel the burn immediately.


You can take any one of these six routines and pair them up, with four rounds in your HIIT routine. Do it for 15-30 minutes and notice changes in your body in just weeks! Plus, you can do it right at home, outside, or even in your bedroom. There are not more excuses!


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