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7 Easy Ways to Accessorize Your New Bathing Suit

There’s nothing better than opening up a package, containing a brand new bathing suit, ready to explore pools, lakes, oceans, and parties. Bathing suits help us express ourselves, our fashion, and our individuality, bringing our style to life.


In recent years, fashion icons and celebrities have introduced the concept of accessorizing the bathing suit. We’ve seen necklaces, body jewelry, fake tattoos, and the list goes on. And we can’t lie – it looks pretty darn cool.


If you want to take your bathing suit accessorizing game to the next level, here are seven easy ways to do it:


  1. Sun Hats:

Sun hats made a comeback this year – and in a BIG way. Plenty of magazines featured models in one-pieces with a sun hat so big, it couldn’t fit on or off a typical bus. Sun hats are a great way to take your bathing suit game to the next level, while also protecting your face, your skin, and part of the bathing suit from damaging sunrays.


  1. Summer Scarves:

Who said that scarves were just for the winter time? Summer scarves are expected to be a poolside staple in 2020, which is why now is a great time to get your hands on a few in anticipation.


  1. Long Necklaces:

We’re talking about the kind that dip down below your chest. Layered necklaces have been a hot design item in recent years, which is why it can’t hurt to add one or two to your wardrobe this year. They go great with just about any kind of bathing suit.


  1. Staple Cover-Ups:

Bold cover-ups are starting to creep their way back into the spotlight, which is something for you to seriously consider this 2020 season. From sleeveless, to full-sleeve, to even turtleneck options, allow your suit to playfully peek out in all the right ways.


  1. Head Scarves:

Nothing is cuter than having a messy bun, tied up to perfection, with a little head scarf wrapped around. It’s a great way to add color, texture, and patterns, especially if you are wearing an opaque suit.


  1. Shorts and Belts:

Big, loose beach belts look amazing over a pair of white or jean shorts. Paired with a bikini top, you’ll look like a goddess from afar.


  1. Bucket Hat:

Bucket hats are all the rage today. Just about every designer is releasing their take on the bucket hat, taking it from streetwear culture to something more accessible. Not to mention, they are great at blocking out the sunrays!


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 7 Ways to Accessorize Your New Swimsuit

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