7 Ways to Meditate in the Morning

7 Ways to Meditate in the Morning

Meditation is something that has been leveraged by cultures and civilizations for thousands of years, helping us to harness our intentions, root our thoughts in the present, and process negative feelings and emotions more productively. Having been proven to increase brain strength and regional connection, meditation also preserves an aging brain, even reducing the “me” center in the brain that is related to selfish thinking.


Meditation is a magical thing. That’s why you should try and squeeze it into your routine, starting with morning meditations.


If you don’t know where to begin, here are seven ways to dive more deeply into the art of morning meditation:


  1. Listen to the Stillness:

The world is strikingly quiet in the morning. As the sun rises, all you can hear are the distant bird chirps, possibly the sound of a breeze blowing over the horizon as the sun peeks through. The people around you are still in bed, quiet. There’s no honking, no yelling, and no TV. It’s perfectly still. Allow the stillness to wash over you, if only for just a few minutes.


  1. Harness Your Calmed Mind:

Your mind is at rest in the morning. You’ve just emerged from a restful slumber, and you’re staring at the ceiling. Instead of frantically filling your mind with thoughts, allow it to embrace the calmness. Work on maintaining that calm throughout your day.


  1. Be Grateful:

While you lay there in the morning, thinking about your meditative routine, center it around gratefulness. What are you thankful for? That you woke up? That you have a roof over your head? Allow the blessings in your life to overwhelm you with gratefulness.


  1. Create Momentum:

Meditation allows you to create a positive energy force within your body. Allow that force to lift you from your bed as you get on with your day. Don’t let the weather and other influences around you start your day on a bad note.


  1. Dive Into Focus:

As your mind wakes up, in its serene state, harness your focus on the center. Think about where you are, what you feel, and what you see. Don’t let the anxieties of tomorrow or the depression of the past fool you. Breathe in the air above you.


  1. Invest in the Sacred:

This can be different for different people. Maybe it’s the Bible, or affirmations in your journal next to your bed. Whatever is sacred to you, pull it out and say your prayers. Pull out your crystals and appreciate them, taking it all in.


  1. Control Your Breathing:

Through all of it, listen to your breathing. Slow it down, make it purposeful, and allow it to fill your body. Breathe deeply into your chest cavity, feeling it expand and contract as you nourish your body with oxygen.


All it takes is 3-5 minutes and some space to yourself to meditate in the morning! What’s stopping you?


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7 Ways to Meditate in the Morning

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