Can You Wear A Bikini When Pregnant?

Can You Wear A Bikini When Pregnant?

The Fused Hawaii brand was founded on the changes of the feminine body through pregnancy. Our founder was inspired to create bathing suits that celebrated her body while she was pregnant with her first child. Pregnancy is a natural, gorgeous, and miraculous occurrence that is inexplicable and should be cherished – the life that women carry in their stomachs is not a burden, but rather, something that should be admired and LOVED!

There is nothing more beautiful than a glowing mother, carrying her child to term as she brings new life into this world. During these 9-months, women are forced to change their wardrobes and clothing in order to fit their blossoming bellies into their apparel. One of the biggest questions mothers-to-be have during the spring and summer months is if they can lounge by the pool as they used to do when they were not pregnant.

Before we proceed, it’s worth noting that a mother at any stage in her pregnancy should feel comfortable and beautiful in the skin she’s in. It’s the MIRACLE of life! It’s an awe-inspiring occurrence that every woman should adore for the rest of her life. You, as a woman, are a miracle. Your body is able to do so much more than can be explained. We want you to love yourself for that amazingness. 

Bikini and Pregnancy

Since your body is constantly changing while you are pregnant, string bikinis are your best options. The bottoms can be loosened and changed throughout all 9-months to ensure they fit you correctly. String tops can also be changed as your breasts grow in size in preparation for the baby.

Many mothers say they prefer bikinis while pregnant because there is no fabric pulled taut around their stomachs. Especially during hot summer months, having less fabric synched to your body will make the whole experience that much more comfortable. Don’t forget you can also pair up cover-ups with the bikini at any point if you are feeling like you want some coverage for your stomach.

A bikini is certainly more of a revealing option than a one-piece if you are pregnant. For the women who are ready to embrace themselves and their miracle of life, a bikini is perfect for you. However, for those that are more comfortable in a modest bathing suit, there are always one-pieces as well. Almost any kind of loose one-piece can accommodate pregnancy – especially maternity bathing suits. However, many of these maternity suits might not come with the edgy patterns and styles that you prefer, which is why it’s worth shopping non-maternity as well.

Fused Hawaii Maternity – LOVE Your Body

You don’t have to give up your femininity and what makes you happy while you are pregnant. In fact, your natural feminine aura is its strongest when you are pregnant! It’s a time for the world to celebrate what you are doing and the life you are creating. We believe that bikinis and pregnancy go hand-on-hand, which is why here at Fused Hawaii, we have a variety of bikinis for the world’s expecting moms to consider. 

Don’t listen to society. Own your body and share your beauty with the world around you.

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