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What is the Most Flattering Bikini Style?

We want you to LOVE your body. We want you to feel your best in a bikini. There is only one you in the world, and that’s something to celebrate. We want you to fall in love with your body all over again. You are enough and you are absolutely equipped with everything you need to feel your innate beauty. 

So how can you access your natural femininity with love, compassion, and support? How can you feel like an empowered woman? It starts with looking in the mirror and loving yourself for who you ARE! We believe that is so important here in Hawaii – it’s everything. How can we help you fall in love all over again? We can help you explore the natural accents of your body with our supportive bikini styles.


Flattering Bikini Styles

The Athletic Frame: For the women with small breasts and hips that embody a more athletic appearance, the best options for you are bikini pieces that will give you a beautiful feel. Cheeky bikini bottoms, like our Kona bikini bottom, will help you harness all of your feminine energy. Additionally, bikini tops with a v-neck shape will really help to accent your cleavage.


Curvier Women: We want you to accentuate and love the body you’ve been given. Your body is a temple, it’s a work of art. We want you to live life to the fullest, and that includes the bathing suits on your body. We create bikini tops with adjustable band sizes, no under wires, and thicker straps to keep you supported. We also carry high rise bikini bottoms that will help you access the feminine goddess you were always meant to be.


Pear Shaped Frame: For a bikini, color blocking and vertical details will balance at the shoulders. Additionally, asymmetrical cuts, smaller prints, and dark vertical patterns can help to smoothen out the frame. For one-piece bathing suits, consider side cutouts to sculpt your body, with diagonal lines pointing out the waist (the narrowest part of the body).


Fuller Chest: Deep necklines can flatter the bust area without pushing it down. Gathered fabric at the waist can create a great division between the chest and the hips to accentuate your waist while also highlighting the chest. We proudly carry bikini tops with thick straps, cross-back designs and soft fabric that won’t cut into your shoulders while wearing the bikini. Additionally, shift the band size as needed so you are completely comfortable in your bikini. 


Plus Sized Women: Break up the torso with a lighter color on the top and a darker color on the bottom. Explore fun patterns and prints that will help you feel completely creative and totally unique.  


Here at Fused Hawaii, we are passionate about helping you find the bathing suit that is perfect for your body. Listen to what your body tells you the next time you are shopping for bikinis


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How to Choose a Flattering Bikini for Your Body Type

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