We have finally entered into a new year that will hopefully leave 2020 in the dust, with new promise, hope, and motivation to make it a year we will never forget. It’s no secret that the prior year was challenging for all of us, which is why it’s time to get back to normal and pursue different ways to make us feel happier and healthier. With the 2021 beach season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about the top Hawaii bikini trends for the year ahead.

As a woman who was already born and bred with all the natural beauty, awe, and wonder you need encapsulated right inside your body, here at Fused Hawaii, we feel it’s our job to help you accent your natural confidence. That’s why we work hard to follow the latest trends that help us create bikini tops and bikini bottoms made with your body in mind. You’re absolutely perfect the way you are, and we want to help you feel that perfection every time you go to the pool, run on the beach, or jump into the surf.

Our picks for 2021's bikini trends

So, what are our picks for 2021’s top bikini trends? We want you to be ahead of the fashionable curve, which is why we’re letting you in on our secrets below. Here are 4 styles that are sure to grace every fashion magazine this spring:

side tie bikini fused hawaii

Fused Hawaii - Aloha Side Tie Bikini Bottom

Tie Side Bikini Bottoms: Every woman’s body was created differently, which is why one-size-fits-all bikinis just aren’t realistic. With a side-tie bikini bottom that can be tied, adjusted, and shifted to match your body, now you can finally enjoy a bikini bottom you feel was truly made for your body. Bottoms with a solid structure make it hard for different beautiful body shapes to look their absolute best. Our Aloha Bikini Bottom Tie Side Monthly Subscription will enable you to explore our different bikini bottom options that are colorful, sexy, and completely made with you in mind.


scrunch back bikini bottom


Fused Hawaii - Kona Bikini Bottoms 

Scrunch Back Bikini Bottoms: 2021 is still a year that will honor the booty and all of the natural gorgeousness that comes from a woman’s backside. Therefore, don’t hide the booty you were born with – let the world see it! Scrunch back bikini bottoms work with the natural shape of your glute muscles and structure, so your butt looks absolutely flawless in any kind of bikini color. These bottoms will scrunch up to perfectly shape your peach so that it feels free and shapely. There’s no time to cover your entire backside in a large bikini bottom that looks like its sagging. Rather, it’s time to step into the spotlight with a bikini bottom that is made to hug your body with effortlessness.


adjustable bikini top fused hawaii


Adjustable Back Tops: Just like we mentioned above, every woman is made with a flawless body. Her unique curves and accents are what makes her… her! That’s why we believe adjustable bikini tops that can work with every kind of body is exactly what you need this year. Our back tops come with adjustable features, as well as a tie in the back that can help you tighten or loosen the bikini to your preference. Now you don’t need to feel squeezed or restricted from your bikini anymore. In fact, our top will feel so seamlessly part of your body, you might even forget you are wearing it.


water leggings

Fused Hawaii - Ripples Lele Leggings


Water Leggings: We like to push the envelope and get create with our bikini designs here at Fused Hawaii. That’s why we are proud to be carrying a water legging – a legging meant to go into the water, pool, and ocean. That’s right, now you can pair any bikini top with our leggings that can double from working out on the beach, to swimming in the waves. These leggings are firm, supported, and shapely, so they won’t pinch or squeeze your body. You will feel protected and ready to exercise at a moment’s notice, with all of your curves nicely accented through the fabric. It’s a versatile bikini bottom solution made with you in mind.


Our 2021 Bikini Trends

We want you to be stylish, trendy, and cutting-edge, which is why we are offering our 2021 bikini selections to you today. Who said being sexy and supported at the beach also had to be uncomfortable? You can have it all with Fused Hawaii bikinis, made with real women’s bodies in mind. Check out our selection today: https://www.fusedhawaii.com/


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