How To Boost Your Bikini Body Confidence

How To Boost Your Bikini Body Confidence

Our goal at Fused Hawaii is to redefine what it means to be beach body ready. We say NO to crash-diets before summer and tropical vacations, and YES to embracing your body just the way it is! Here are a few ways to boost your bikini body confidence.

Buy A Bikini You LOVE

It all starts with picking the right bikini. Choose a color, pattern, print, cut, and style that makes you feel confident. If you love your breasts, highlight them. If you love your booty, show it off. If vibrant colors look amazing on your skin tone, wear a pop of color loud and proud. If you have always loved the way a certain cut or shape looks on you, that’s what you should be wearing. And yes, no matter your shape or size you have the right to rock a bikini!

Practice Makes Perfect

If it’s been a while since you’ve been in a swimsuit put your bikini on for an hour or so and stroll around the house. It might feel silly, but this will work! Focus on your posture and walking with confidence as your body language speaks louder than words. 


Just like any other outfit you wear your accessories can make or break your look. So, find a figure-flattering coverup, fab sandals, a cute headband, trendy sunglasses, and water-friendly jewelry. This will make you feel more like your everyday you than without.

Celebrate Your Imperfections

Whether you have never loved your body in a bikini or you are stressing about your stretch marks, lack of a thigh gap, cellulite, or weight gain it’s time to celebrate, not self-shame. We are human and we all have imperfections. We all look in the mirror and zero in on the things we like least, but we spend far more time thinking about it than anyone else. 

Instead, celebrate the story behind the imperfection. Yes, your body changed after giving birth—but it created the miracle of life. Yes, you’ve gained a few pounds since you were in your 20s, but you are a more confident and empowered woman now then you were back then. No, you may never be a size 2, but you have a strong and powerful body that supports you in all you do!

Focus On The Fun

Heading to the beach or pool is meant to be fun, relaxing, and maybe even active. Stressing about how you look robs you of the joy and quality time you could be spending with the ones you love. Instead, embrace your body and inspire the lovely ladies in your life to do the same.


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How to Feel Confident in a Bikini; Hint: You do not need to lose weight

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