how to care for handmade swimwear

How to Care for Your Handmade Swimwear

If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of handmade swimwear, then there are a few things you need to know about keeping your cherished bikinis or one-pieces in pristine condition. Handmade clothing items are something special; they are the product of original design, sewing, innovation, stitching, and finished touches. It’s what makes them so special. 

Of course, with something that special, there are special instructions for ensuring the pieces stay preserved. If you want to know more about taking care of handmade swimwear, stick around below. 

How to Care for Handmade Swimwear 

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight: 

    Did you know that beyond tanning and burning your skin, the sun can bleach your clothing, too? Known as sun bleaching, this “photo-degradation” can fade colors, patterns, and even delicate parts of handmade bathing suits that will contribute to its degradation faster than normal.

    2. Rest the Bathing Suit: 

      One of the easiest ways to avoid the pilling of the handmade bathing suit is to give the piece of garment a break in-between wears. Try not to wear the handmade suit every single day, if possible, so that the fabric can have some time to relax and come back into shape.

      3. Avoid Beach Backpacks: 

        Backpacks can cause friction between your belongings and the bathing suit, especially if you are walking long distances with a backpack directly on the handmade bathing suit. This will speed up pilling instantly. Instead, bring a beach bag and wear a cover-up that protects the suit.

        4. Hand Wash:  

        Washers and dryers are not going to work with handmade bathing suits. Instead, you are going to need to wash them by hand. Fill your sink with cold water and add a capful of detergent or vinegar to the water. Let the swimsuit soak in the solution for 30-45 minutes. After that, rinse with cold water, and gently roll the suit into a clean towel. Press delicately to remove excess water, and hang for 24-hours. 

        5. Avoid Perfumes & Sunscreens: 

        The chemicals in our perfumes and sunscreens are downright terrifying. These same chemicals that you put on your skin can work and react with the bathing suit, breaking down the composition while bleeding out the color. If possible, skip perfume at all times while wearing the suit, as well as consider more natural sunscreens that won’t react with the bathing suit (chances are, the sunscreens will be better for your health, too). 

        Overall, avoid friction where possible, give the handmade suit a break in-between wearing it, skip the chemicals and lotions, and lay in shade on hot summer days. Anything you would want to do to preserve your skin, you should want to do for your bathing suit, too. 

        Do you feel like you’re ready to master handmade swimwear care and preservation? Follow these tips above the moment your Fused Hawaii handmade swimsuit arrives in the mail. 

        Perfectly, Imperfect. Always Team Fused Hawaii

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