How to Extend the Life of Your Bathing Suit

How to Extend the Life of Your Bathing Suit

We all want to extend the lives of the apparel pieces and bathing suits we buy every single year. If only they could last a lifetime, saving us time, money, and frustration in the process. The good news is, you can dramatically increase the lifespan of your bathing suit by administering a little tender love and care.


Here’s how.


How to Care for a Bathing Suit


Tip #1: Rinse Immediately

Bathing suits can take a beating. From the sun and surf, to chlorine and other chemicals in hot tubs, bathing suits do their best to maintain their appearance, shine, and shimmer. However, you can help them out by rinsing them in regular, cooled water immediately after coming inside. Don’t just throw your suit, soaked in salt or chlorine on the ground.


Tip #2: Hand Wash

It’s actually easier than you might think to hand wash a bikini or bathing suit. Simply fill your sink with room temperature water, pick your favorite soap, and clean the suit by hand. When you are done, rinse everything off and allow it to hang dry in the shower over night. This will prevent the wear-and-tear from putting the suit through the washer and dryer.


Tip #3: Allow for Natural Drying

Did you know that when you aggressively wring out your bathing suit, hoping water droplets fall off it, you are actually damaging the fibers? The more damaged fibers, the more saggy the suit will appear on your body. Instead, lay the suit out on a towel, roll up the towel, and squeeze it gently. Then either hand the suit up to dry, or lay it out on a table, etc. Refrain from putting it in the sun.


Tip #4: Rotate Suits

Many suits are made of a memory fabric that needs a full 24-hours before it can snap back to its original position. Therefore, try not to wear the same bikini back-to-back.


Tip #5: Opt for Cold Water

Hot water is much more damaging to a bathing suit than cold water, which is why you should limit your hot tub dipping where possible. If you are going to use a hot tub, be sure to rinse, wash, and dry as we listed above immediately after you get out of the hot tub (if possible, try and use a bargain bikini from a department store when hot tubbing).


Tip #6: Sit on a Towel
Pavement, hot sand, gravel, and rough grass can do some serious damage to your bikini. The fibers fuse to the material, causing a ripping sensation when you stand up. Instead, try and always make sure there is a towel placed beneath your bathing suit for ultimate preservation.


How to Extend the Life of a Bikini

If you follow our six tips above, your bikini will last years upon years until you’re tired of wearing it! We want you to treat your boutique bikinis right, which is why we want you to share this guide with as many people as possible.


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