How To Pose For Bikini Photos

How To Pose For Bikini Photos

Who doesn't love posting a photo of themselves on social media? Welcome to the new world! The Fused Hawaii philosophy is to embrace the wonder that your body is, refuse to bow to any stereotypes of the ‘perfect body’ and let your inner beauty shine through.

At Fused we encourage you, our valued community of beautiful ladies, to share photos of yourselves in our swimwear because we love seeing your smiles and self-confidence shine through wearing Fused Hawaii. It still gives us a huge buzz, 16 years after our brand first launched.

Now sure, our website and marketing features models, but did you know that our founder, Roxelle Cho, purposely selects real looking models to pose for Fused Hawaii, models who, we believe, our customers will relate to. And, we DO NOT PHOTOSHOP our models. No wrinkle free smoothing effects, no making thighs or belly’s thinner, we feature real models in all their gorgeous-ness.

Perfectly imperfect, always!

Being a swimwear company that regularly posts behind-the-scenes footage of our models posing in bikini photo shoots (check out our YouTube channel for some real behind-the-scenes videos of our bikini photo shoots), one of the most frequently asked questions we get, especially in our Facebook Group - Empowered by Fused Hawaii - is “do you have any tips on how to pose for bikini photos?”.
We sure do, and this article is going to share those insider tips with you.

Ladies, anyone can pose like a bikini model for the perfect bikini photo, it just takes a few tricks of the trade to master the art of a professional bikini photo.

Ready to take the BEST BIKINI PHOTO EVER?? Let’s go!

How To Pose For Bikini Photos - 10 Bikini Photoshoot Hacks

1. The perfect bikini photo needs a light background

best background bikini photo

(Models wearing (L to R) Seashell Kohanaiki Bikini Top & Surprise Kona Bikini Bottoms | Waterfall Kohanaiki Top & matching bikini bottom)


Background, background, background!

Posing in front of your bathroom mirror, with towels, makeup and hair straighteners looking messy in the background (or foreground) will not make the perfect bikini photo.

If you are lucky enough to live in a sunny location, and you are close to water, then get outside and have someone take photos of you near the water.

Too cold outside? Find a window and when the sun shines outside then stand in front of the window for the perfect bright background.

Looking at taking a selfie at home? That’s fine just make sure you have the right background and lighting.


❌ Don't pose in poor light, against a wall or in front of a mess.
(We’ve all seen the embarrassing photos of background items that should have remained ‘private’ - don’t do that…..)

2. Posture matters, stand tall

best posture bikini photo

(Model wears Blurred Lines Kohanaiki Bikini Top & Matching Cheeky Bottoms)

Did your mother ever tell you not to slouch or hunch your shoulders? She was preparing you for the day you wanted to take the perfect bikini photo!

A good posture is the key to a gorgeous bikini photo.

Stand up, straighten your back and pull your shoulders back.

Prefer to lay down? That’s fine. Lay flat on your pack on a towel and stretch out.


❌ Don't stand with legs shoulder width apart, it’s too easy to relax your shoulders and back, and will be harder to achieve a nice straight pose.

✔️ A nice hip pop works wonders for the perfect bikini photo.

3. Rock your swimwear

love your swimwear


(Model wears Roxe11e X Shine On Bikini Bottom & Matching Ho'okena Bikini Top)

Not comfortable in your bikini? Don’t like the top or bottoms? Unhappy with your one piece? Dislike the color or print? We guarantee it will show in the photo. You won’t be able to hide your distaste for what you’re wearing.

So, if like the thousands of customers who rock their Fused Hawaii bikini do, get yourself swimwear you love and wear that. Your smile says everything.


❌  Don’t buy swimwear that is a size too small to try and look ‘sexy’. In the photo it simply looks too small.

✔️ Get the right size swimwear for you, the perfect fit makes the perfect photo.

4.  Don’t worry, be happy

smiling for bikini photo

(Models wearing (L to R) : Nautical by Nature One Piece | Paradise Feels One Piece | Never Stop Dreaming One Piece )

Just like Posh Spice, you might not like your smile but everyone else loves to see you flash your pearly whites!

Have you ever watched catwalk models with their expressionless faces and wondered ‘do they really enjoy this job?’. Don’t take a leaf out of their book, smiles matter, especially in a bikini photo.

Look like you are having fun, people will notice your smiling face before they notice what you’re wearing.


❌ Fake smile

❌ Wear the wrong color lipstick. If you love lipstick or lipgloss, perfect, but too bright and it will take away from the rest of the photo.

✔️ Keep your lip color, and smile, natural.

5. Just like walking, put one leg in front of the other

how to stand for bikini photo pose

(Model wears Wanderlust Ho'okena Bikini Top & Matching Bikini Bottoms)

Posing with one leg in front of the other will naturally twist your torso slightly and also give your hip a nice pop. If you slightly bend the knee of the front leg, this will accentuate the hips further.

6. Think about your arms

arm position bikini photo pose

(Model wears Fused Hawaii one piece swimwear)

Rarely will you see a bikini photo where the model has her arms by her sides.

Try bringing one hand up and placing it against your head.

Another great way to pose is with your hand on your hips.


❌ Don't cross your arms in front of you, apart from making you look grumpy, it hides a big part of the swimsuit.

7. To tan or not to tan

 fake tan bikini photo

Many of the bikini models you see have added bronzer or have been tanned by photoshop.

Nothing wrong with a nice golden tan, as long as you don’t risk sun damage to get it!

There are plenty of glorious fake tans available, just make sure there are no streaks or missed spots as these will be really obvious in any photo.

And if you are usually not tanned? Embrace your outer beauty and love the skin you’re in.


❌ Don’t think you need to be tanned to be a bikini model.

8. For the person behind the camera

fused hawaii bikini photo shoot

Unless you want a head the size of a basketball, don’t take a photo from high up pointing down. This pose will only make your head look big and your body look tiny.

Proportion is the key, so taking a photo from the front, or from behind, will capture your shape perfectly.

9. Experiment with different angles

bikini pose angle

(Model wears Red Lava Kona Bikini Bottom & matching top)

Photos taken from behind looking over your shoulder, or sitting on the edge of a pool with your back arched, are all examples of using different angles to pose for the perfect bikini photo.

Experiment with different angles to achieve the best photo. A good tip is to look at Instagram or Pinterest from bikini model inspiration and recreate some of the poses you see.

10. Use props

props for bikini photo shoot

Beach balls, beach umbrellas, cocktails, hats (even a stand-up paddle board!) - there are so many props you can incorporate into your photoshoot that add a second dimension to the image and really give the photo that professional look.


❌ Don't you need to spend a fortune on props. If you have some handy, great, if not, that’s fine too.

Start Shooting!

We’re always on the lookout for real bikini models at Fused, women that represent strength, confidence and self love, everything that we embrace for our brand.

Once you put these bikini photo posing tips to good use make sure to tag Fused Hawaii on Instagram so we can show you some love 💜

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