How to Set Intentions That Will Last All of 2020

How to Set Intentions That Will Last All of 2020

We all have intentions at the end of the day. We all have things we want to accomplish, and we all have goals we want to see through. However, the commitment between making those intentions and actually watching them turn to reality is a completely different story.


It’s what sets apart the thinkers and the doers in the world. If we could all make our intentions a reality, the world would be a much different place.


That’s why we want to help you. Let’s explore how to set intentions that will last all of 2020 below.


How to Set Intentions


Step 1: The Mood Board

This can also be called the brain dump. Sit down somewhere fun, grab a pen and a piece of paper, and allow your brain to run wild. Write down everything you want accomplish when it comes to your life now and in the future. You don’t need to be neat or tidy with your thoughts – get everything out. Stand back and observe your own personal mental mood board!


Step 2: Organize Intentions

As you stare at this mood board, certain intentions will start to organize themselves. If there are intentions all related to health, start to organize them in one corner. If there are intentions about socializing and dating, put them in another category. In each category, you can start to refine everything based on its importance, attainability, timeline, etc. This will help you start to put together one big intention list.


Step 3: Goal Setting

Now that you have your big and little intentions all mapped out, it’s start to plan around how you’re going to reach them. The only way to make it happen is through goal-setting. Start to list the goals that back up your intention. If the intention is to be healthier, then list your goals to eat better, eat out less, exercise more, etc. Create timelines within the goals, as well as how they are going to work together to help you reach the intention in the end.


Example: you want to increase your social media following as an intention. Your goals would be: open more social media accounts, post 2x more every month, follow more people per day, etc.


Step 4: Assign the Actual Tasks

Taking the example above, using a goal of posting 2x more ever month, actually make it happen with tasks. This can mean signing onto the sites 30-minutes earlier each day. Or it can mean hiring a social media manager next week, with a start date slated for January 1, 2020. It’s time to make your goals actionable.


And there you have it! It all starts with a brain dump and a little organizing. You’ll be amazed at what you notice when you get everything out on paper. It will feel so good organizing your entire life and making a plan for your future. With everything mapped out, the world is yours for the taking!


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How to Set Intentions in 4 Easy Steps

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