Perfect Packing List For Your Hawaii Vacation

Perfect Packing List For Your Hawaii Vacation

If you've recently (finally!) booked your long awaited Hawaii vacation you’ll be counting down the days before you board the flight and head to the no.1 island destination in the US. 

Packing the perfect warm weather, balmy night essentials, will prepare you for when you safely arrive and receive that warm Hawaiian welcome. 
We'll have you ready to hop off the plane, arrive at your hotel/accommodation, and get started on your vacation from the moment you arrive.

To make it simple for you, we have created the perfect packing list for your Hawaii vacation! And if you haven’t yet booked your travel, head to, or some of the other online travel operators for some fantastic travel deals to Hawaii.

Your Perfect Packing List For Hawaii

hawaii packing list

Travelling to Hawaii between September to February? If you’re travelling from somewhere in the U.S midwest like Minnesota or North Dakota, you’ll want to keep your winter clothing at home and prepare for much warmer weather here in Hawaii.

And for water lovers, then get ready for some amazing adventures during your Hawaii vacation.

From standup paddle boarding to swimming beneath the waves with the beautiful sea life and coral gardens you'll see snorkeling in Maui, whether you are having an ocean adventure or sunning by the pool, you’ll need a bathing suit.

When in Hawaii, do as the locals (and over 2 million women across the U.S) do and grab yourself a handmade Hawaii bikini from Fused Hawaii.

Our bikinis are the number #1 bikini choice for every woman as we stock sizes from XS to XXXXL, with styles, colors and prints to suit ladies of all ages.

Ready to start packing?

Fused Hawaii Black Bikini Top

black bikini top hawaii

Model wears Fused Hawaii Black Kohanaiki Bikini Top

You can't go wrong packing a black bikini top. A black bikini top will go with any bottoms you choose to bring with you, whether they're a solid bright color, traditional shade, or bikini bottoms featuring one of our stylish, island inspired, prints.

Not only is the black bikini top ideal for mixing and matching with some of your favorite bikini bottoms, but it also doubles as a top you can pair with a sarong, skirt, shorts, or any other bottoms.

In addition, you can create a beach-themed outfit using the bikini top with skinny jeans and a pair of heels before heading out to a local restaurant or bar. And, if you’re a gym junkie, our bikini tops are so supportive you won’t need to pack a crop top - your bikini top will ‘cover’ everything!

Versatile Bikini Bottoms

hawaii bikini bottoms

Model wears Fused Hawaii Succulove Kona Bikini Bottoms

Heading to Hawaii you'll want to take advantage of everything our breathtaking islands have to offer.

Sunbathing by the pool at Maui Four Seasons (a’la White Lotus style), surfing the big waves on Oahu, or taking one of the many day boat cruises to visit different Hawaiian islands, you’ll need bikini bottoms that wash easily, dry quickly, are comfortable to wear all day long and don’t ride up during activities.

As well as being highly fashionable by releasing stylish monthly prints featuring the latest trends, Fused Hawaii bikini bottoms are hand-made for superior comfort and quality. 


fused hawaii sarong

Model wears ROXE11E Puakenikeni Hau'oli Fringe Pareo

 Sarongs are comfortable and colorful skirt-like accessories that you can easily wrap around your waist for additional coverage. 

Sarongs consist of lightweight materials that will keep you cool, even on those hot summer days when the temperature keeps rising. Not only does the sarong provide the extra coverage, but they also look stylish and can help you transform your swimwear into a casual beach outfit to wear with confidence.

At Fused Hawaii we have a stunning selection of sarongs (pareo’s in Hawaiian), with print’s and colors you’ll love wearing to the beach or around town. Many of our sarongs match our bathing suit prints, for the perfectly styled look.

Want to know the different ways you can tie a sarong? Watch our video '5 Sarong Hacks in 5 Minutes'.👇

 Waterproof Leggings

waterpoof leggings hawaii Model wears Fused Hawaii Camo is My Happy Place Lele Leggings 

When you want to participate in different water-related activities, you may like to have a little extra coverage. You might not feel comfortable swimming, snorkeling, or riding on a jet ski when you only have your bikini top and bottoms on your body. If so, get yourself a pair of high-quality waterproof leggings.

Fused Hawaii waterproof Lele Leggings are composed of quick-drying materials that keep you feeling cool and comfortable. The most fitting leggings made with a nylon and spandex blend can offer the comfort you desire while you're doing anything you want in the water. They'll also provide the preferred level of coverage.

Easy Care Tees

flowy tshirt

Model Wears ROXE11E X Strong Female Flowy V-Neck

 Apart from your swimwear, t-shirts will be one of the items you wear day in day out. Make sure you opt for tees that are easy to wash, are quick drying, super comfy (you don’t want shirts that cling in warm weather, flowy is the way to go) and will keep their shape.

Check out the awesome range of flowy t-shirts we have for women, men and kids at Fused.

Comfortable Hoodie

fused hawaii hoodie

Model wears Fused Logo Hoodie (grey)

For the cooler nights you’ll need a hoodie, and what better way to show some Hawaii love than to warm yourself up in a Fused Hawaii hoodie!

Stylish Sun Hat

straw sun hat hawaii


Back in 1975, being tan was all the rage. Baking for hours in the sun was what we did, spreading oil on our faces and legs to achieve the perfect sun kissed look.

Nowadays we understand the dangers of sunbathing, and at Fused Hawaii we are 100% about being sun safe.

A hat that protects your face and neck from sunburn, and one that also stays put when those ocean winds set in, is the must have companion for your Hawaii vacation.

You can browse our limited edition hats right here.

Comfortable Stylish Footwear

hawaii sandals

Everyone loves getting around in flip-flops, but even here in Hawaii sometimes the flip-flops are just a tiny bit too casual.

Don't forget about packing some casual and stylish sandals that you can wear to the beach, bar, or even to the pool. Sandals will look good with any bathing suit you wear, along with any outfits you decide to put on, such as maxi dresses, leggings, or skinny jeans! Who wants to get stuck wearing sneakers when it's hot outside, and you're stepping on sand? So forget about the sneakers, and make sure you have comfortable yet stylish sandals available to wear.


sunglasses hawaii

We guarantee there is one thing you will see a lot of when you're here in Hawaii, and that's the sunshine.

Our eyes are as sensitive as our skin to the sun, so make sure you bring your sunglasses or invest in a quality pair to protect those precious peepers.

Reef Safe Sunscreen

reefsafe sunscreen hawaii

Have you heard of Reef-Safe Sunscreen?

In Hawaii, research has shown that toxic sunscreens are destroying coral reefs and marine life in Maui, therefore the push is on to make the switch to reef-safe sunscreen.

Check out this article to find the recommended reef safe sunscreen.

Microfiber Beach Towel

fused hawaii hooded beach towels

Models wearing Fused Hawai My Hawaii Life Hooded Beach Towel Adult & Youth

Plenty of hotel will provide you with beach towels. The problem? They don’t dry quickly!

Most bath towels/beach towels aren’t made for quick drying, and let’s be honest, when you're on vacation you don’t want to be waiting 3 days for a towel to dry.

The best option? Get yourself a microfiber beach towel. They are quick drying, don’t absorb the sand as easily and keep you nice and dry.


Not sure how many of each item to bring with you? No need to worry, we’ve listed recommendations for you!

  • Swimsuit (2 x bikini tops & 2 x bikini bottoms or 2 x one piece)
  • Sarongs x 2
  • Waterproof leggings x 1
  • T-shirts x 3
  • Sun hat x 1
  • Stylish Sandals x 1
  • Sunglasses x 1
  • Reef safe sunscreen
  • Beach towel x 1

(as an aside, don’t forget your undies, a dress or outfit for night outs, toiletries and any medication you might need).

Enjoy your vacation and don't forget, tag us on Instagram to let us know when you're in Hawaii - we might be close by to come and say hi!.

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