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The Top 5 Tips for Buying Bikinis Online

Every woman can feel the stress of buying the perfect bikini online ahead of the summer season. Whether you need it for a pool party, lounging outside with friends, hosting an event, or going on a trip, you want to feel the very best in your skin. Wearing a bikini can make a lot of women feel vulnerable (especially by today’s media standards) which is why we want to help you buy the right bikini for your body.

In our other blogs, we go over picking out bikinis based on body type. In this blog, we’re going to help you buy bikinis, online, that work for you and your beautiful body. You are in control of your image – we’re just here to help.


Tips for Buying Bikinis Online

Make Your Mood Boards: Instagram and Pinterest are a great source of inspiration in planning out any kind of fashion haul. You can save images, videos, quotes, and sayings from your favorite models, celebrities, world leaders, and influencers. When it’s time to buy a bikini, you can go into your mood boards and look at what makes you happy. Feel empowered and own what makes you HAPPY! This will help you hone in on a purchase that you are going to adore.


Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Separates: Here in Hawaii, we take pride in mixing and matching bikinis. It’s part of our culture, style, and fashion. You don’t have to buy matching bikini sets every time. In fact, buying bathing suits as separates can be fun and help you mix and match even more bikini options. Have fun and buy one piece at a time if you want – our site makes it easy to buy a bikini top or a bikini bottom.


Buy for Your Body Type: Check out bikini body guides that help you identify which patterns, fabrics, and shapes are going to look the best on your body. Different bikinis will accentuate small versus large breasts, small versus large butts, etc. Dress to your assets so you can feel completely comfortable in your body. It’ll make you love your bathing suit more, too!


Use the Sizing Chart: The sizing chart exists for a reason – to help you make the most informed purchase before you accidentally need a return the bathing suit. It’s recommended to take your time studying the sizing chart and even measure yourself as home so you can buy the most accurate swimsuit. No one wants to go back and forth with returns before you find the right fit.


Check the Return Policy: Should you need to return the swimsuit, make sure you are working with a company that has accessible return policies so you don’t have to stress over the fit. Based on the way you shop, look over the policy before you do business with that swimsuit company. You want the process to be as enjoyable as possible.

Fused Hawaii Bikinis

We want shopping for our bikinis to be as fun as possible, which is why we have a broad selection of options, bikini bottoms, bikini tops, and returns that will make your experience that much better. Check us out today!


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5 Tips for Buying a Bikini Online

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