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What is This Summer’s Trending Swimsuit Style?

Although summer 2020 may be coming to an end, there is still plenty of time for you to head to the beach, pool, or lake and enjoy the gorgeous weather that Mother Nature has provided us.

If you have an upcoming trip, you want to improve your current swimwear selection, or you want to find a bikini that makes you feel beautiful in the skin you’re in, we’re going to share with you the trending swimsuit style below.

Remember; you were born perfect and gorgeous; your bathing suit should merely accent what your natural curves and body already embody. That’s what a trending swimsuit should do to us.

So, what is a trending swimsuit style you should absolutely check out today?

The Summer of the Booty: The Kona Bikini Bottom

It’s no secret that voluptuous backside assets are trending today. Just look at the most recent music video released by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Finally, women’s bodies are being celebrated for what they actually look like – not what they should look like. And for that, we applaud these women leading the charge.

Therefore, bikini bottoms that don’t hinder your natural backside, but rather, enhance it are trending today. Our Kona Bikini Bottom doesn’t come with tons of fabric in the back that can cover your cheeks or constricting side strings that can pinch your natural figure. Rather, it’s a soft, lifted bikini bottom that looks beautiful on all body types.

Best of all, this bikini bottom was made with athleticism in mind. Curated in the bikini capital of the world, Hawaii, the Kona Bikini Bottom will stay snug and in place while you swim, surf, parasail, and do everything else you want to do in the water. Hawaii-made bikinis are different from typical selections in stores – they are made by people who understand the ocean better than anyone else around the world. They are made to help you wade into waters, climb mountains, run on the sand, and lay in the sun.

The natural lift on the side of the bikini allows your cheeks to peek out in the back, making you feel like the natural beauty you were born to be. With a flirty cut that is hard to ignore, you will feel protected, secure, and sexy in every essence of the word. Don’t you deserve to fall back in love with your body? We think you do!

We don’t believe a bikini swimsuit style should hinder you from doing all of the amazing things the female body can do. You are a magical creation, and your bathing suit should pay homage to that fact. Whether you’re sporty, athletic, active, or relaxed, the Kona Bikini Bottom will support you in everything you plan to do today.

So, if you want to get in on this summer’s trending bikini style, we want you to check out our Kona Bikini Bottom today.


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