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What Are the Different Style Bikini Bottoms Available Today

Different bikini bottoms can completely enhance your beach-side appearance, helping to really augment your natural frame and curves. That leaves many women wondering: which bikini bottom should I be considering given my shape? Are there options that can make me look fuller than I really am? What about the size of my butt in relation to the bikini bottom?

These are all fair questions to ask, which is why I’ve got you covered ladies. Here are some of Fused Hawaii’s favorite bikini bottoms, styles we carry in our online store:


Surprise Kona Bikini Bottom: This cheeky scrunch butt bikini bottom is great for enhancing your natural curves and beauty. Designed to look amazing on all butt sizes with a back that lifts and accentuates your behind, the Kona Bikini Bottom comes with wider sides for women who want more support and athletic appearances. 


Surprise Manini Bikini Bottom: A mix between a full coverage bottom and a minimal bottom, the Surprise Manini Bikini Bottom is an athletic thong-style bottom that is perfect for women transitioning into minimal coverage bathing suits. Secured and perfectly structured, this bikini bottom will make you feel beautiful and sexy, all at the same time. 


The Surprise Hapuna Bottom: The “all around coverage option,” this is a bottom that every gorgeous woman can wear. We have a variety of sizes that covers a spectrum of body structures and sizes. It’s feminine, flirty, and accented for all interested women.


Haleakala High Rise Bikini Bottom: This high rise bikini bottom is perfect for women who want more coverage, or those who want that high waisted retro look that’s great for vintage imagery. If you’re into a classic-style bikini shape, allow yourself to explore your personal fashionable preferences. We want you to feel confident!

Here at Fused Hawaii, we work hard to create bikini bottoms that work with any kind of female figure. We want to accentuate your natural curves and help you feel like the Hawaiian mermaid you were always born to be. That’s why we have options that accommodate all women and body types.

Check out our bikini bottoms today and consider a cut that is right for your body:


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Fused Hawaii Guide to Bikini Bottom Styles

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