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What is a ‘Cheeky’ Bikini Bottom Style?

We all know we’re in the age of cheeky, which means butts of every shape and variety are being highlighted in the media today. It’s all about your behind and how you can show it to the world, especially when you are strutting your stuff in a bikini.

Of course, we want to make sure our natural figure and gorgeous assets are being framed in the perfect way, which is why so many women are inquiring about cheeky bikini bottoms today. If you’ve heard this term thrown around a lot, and aren’t quite sure what it means, we want to clear that up for you below!

The Cheeky Bikini Bottom Style

A cheeky bikini bottom is one that allows the natural shape and support of your butt cheeks to peek out from your bathing suit. Instead of hiding your behind beneath a ton of fabric that can give a “wet diaper” appearance in a bikini, a cheeky bikini bottom was made specifically to frame your backside assets so they look plump, alluring, and sexy.

Here at Fused Hawaii, we’ve been making bikinis for years that feature this kind of cheeky component. We have carefully curated two different bottoms that allow your cheeks to frame themselves as they were always meant to be seen:

  • Kona Bottom: we’ve designed a scrunch back fabric feature that gives a lift to our bottoms so your cheeks are able to be seen. The side fabric is supportive so you can run in and out of the ocean without worrying about strings coming undone. The natural lift still enables onlookers to see your backside the way it was meant to be presented without any uncomfortable tight strings.
  • Aloha Bottoms: similarly designed, you can adjust the Aloha Bottoms to your comfort level of cheekiness. If you want only a little bit of cheekiness exposed, you can allow the bottoms to sit down low on your hips. But, if you want as much cheekiness as possible, you can pull the sides up for a more high-rise appearance that will really allow you to fall in love with your natural assets.

We believe your bikini bottom should work in tandem with you and your curves. If you prefer a style that is more high-rise, our bikinis can be shifted in a manner that works with you. We don’t believe a bikini should hold you back from all of your feminine potential.

It’s Cheeky Time

We believe a cheeky bikini bottom is one of the best ways to own your curves as a woman. Adjust the bottom to a style that is right for you and love the body you’re in. Finally, you can feel confident in a bikini that supports your natural frame – you don’t need to hide anymore.

Allow your cheeks to be seen and appreciated. That’s our desire here at Fused Hawaii.


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What is a Cheeky Swimsuit Bottom?

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