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Why Hawaii Swimwear is the World’s Most Popular

When it comes to the world’s most popular swimwear, it’s hard to dispute that the capital is Hawaii. 

The islands of sand, surf, and complete connection to Mother Nature, Hawaii is the perfect place to create, design, and produce the most eye-catching bikinis and swimsuits in the world. 

Over the last few decades, companies, designers, and influencers have worked together to solidify the islands as the go-to place for swimwear, which makes us proud to call the islands the home of our swimsuit company, Fused Hawaii.

Beyond a beautiful place to surf, lounge, and watch the sun set beyond the Pacific horizon, here are a few reasons why Hawaii swimwear is the most sought-after today.

Reasons why Hawaii Swimwear is the World’s Most Popular

The Unapologetic Colors, Patterns, and Energy
Hawaii is a place of immense color, texture, and stimulating energy. That means the swimsuits produced in Hawaii don’t disappoint. 

Hawaii swimwear is full of greens, blues, yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples, with Hawaiian flowers and an overall positive design you just can’t find anywhere else. 

If you want a bikini that doesn’t look like the rest and isn’t afraid to stand out and totally turn heads, then you want to buy that bikini from a Hawaii designed swimwear line.

Incomparable Attention to Detail

Hawaiian swimsuit designers don’t just make their bikinis and call it a day – they proudly refine every last piece of quality to ensure the swimsuits are perfect. 

Swimwear designed in Hawaii needs to withstand the test of our active water lifestyle. Designers and manufacturers here will go over a swimsuit over and over again until they feel it reflects their commitment to quality and excellence. 

Hawaii swimwear is therefore durable, reliable, and worth the investment. 

Affordable Excellence

Hawaiians know how to make swimsuits that are high quality, gorgeous to look at, and yet affordable to purchase. 

The islands of Hawaii are filled with people that have a respect for Mother Nature and the resources that abound in her, which is why they create swimsuits that work in accordance with Mother Nature – not against her. 

Handmade quality swimwear that will last withstand many waves of life is what is most important to us. If you want a swimsuit you can actually afford that’s going to stay with you for years, you can find that swimsuit from a Hawaii swimsuit line.


“If you want a bikini that doesn’t look like the rest and isn’t afraid to stand out and totally turn heads, then you want to buy that bikini from a Hawaii designed swimwear line.” 

Roxelle Cho
Fused Hawaii Founder


Supporting our Hawaii Island and People

Hawaiians love our Islands and our People. Swimwear that is designed in Hawaii holds the true essence of what we stand for. 

Each package is shipped with the Aloha spirit that comes from our island home. We hope to be able to share that Aloha with every person who receives our gifts from Hawaii.  


The Fused Hawaii Commitment

We are a proud Native Hawaiian owned and operated swimsuit company that designs and creates all of our bikinis right here in Hawaii. 

We know what the Hawaiian commitment to excellence looks like, which is why we uphold it in everything that we create.  

If you haven’t had the chance to check out our affordable, high quality bathing suits, check them out today and let us know your thoughts!




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Reasons to Buy Hawaiian Swimwear 

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