Winter Has Arrived & Fused Hawaii Has You Covered (Literally!)

Winter Has Arrived & Fused Hawaii Has You Covered (Literally!)

winter bikini ideas

Winter has arrived!

If you've been keeping an eye on the weather in Hawaii recently you may have seen that we've even had SNOW in Hawaii this December, yes, it's that cold brrrrr.

The good news? At Fused Hawaii we've been preparing for a chilly winter, and have the perfect new arrivals and winter bikini ideas to keep you snuggly and warm this cold season.

So let's get started!

New Winter Arrivals

Fused Hawaii is not all about swimwear. Our brand is also about clothing and accessories that empower women and deliver feelings of comfort and confidence.

Our winter arrivals are designed with style, quality and comfort in mind, and this year are customers are in for a treat with some new products guaranteed to deliver cloud like comfort on the coldest nights.

NEW ARRIVAL - Hooded Fleece Blankets

hooded fleece blanket

Fused Hawaii Succulove Hooded Fleece Blanket 
Perfect for lounging, winter, reading, snuggling, sleeping, camping, and napping, our Hooded Fleece Blankets are the perfect snuggle companion. 
Good size for bigger kids, adults, parents, and grandparents, the hooded blanket is big in size to keep you warm, it's also the perfect size for walking around the house and lounging on the sofa
Adults can wear the hood on their head and it doesn't drag on the ground.
Made of high-quality fleece, completely resistant to shrinking and wrinkling.
Forget pulling blankets from the bed and draping them around you to keep warm, your new, wearable, snuggly blanket has arrived.

NEW ARRIVAL - Fused Hawaii Hoodies

fused hawaii logo hoodie

Who doesn't love a hoody? We sure do, and we realised that not only do our lovely ladies love themselves a snuggly hoodie, but there are plenty of men who also love Fused Hawaii.

So this winter, grab yourself - and a man in your life (partner, brother, son, Dad, friend), one of our relaxed fit, made for comfort, hoodies.

Shop Fused Hawaii Hoodies


fused leggings

Fused Hawaii Succulove Leggings

How comfy are leggings? Just slide into them, combine with one of our hoodies, and comfort has arrived.

Released a few months back, Fused Hawaii leggings have started selling out this winter because they are made from ultra-comfort 4 way stretch fabric and are quick drying (so if you wear them to the gym and get sweaty, they won't stay wet and freeze when you step out into the winter air).

Not to mention the enormous range of prints and solids, and that they come in sizes XS - 4XL, say hello to your new winter wardrobe staple.

Shop Fused Hawaii Leggings

Winter Bikini Ideas

This one has been written with our bikini subscribers in mind. We know so many of our amazing ladies have Fused Hawaii bikini collections (why collect shoes and handbags when you can collect Fused Hawaii bikinis!?), and come winter think it's time to put those pretty bikini tops and bottoms into storage until next summer. Wrong!

Hand made, supporitve design and ethical, US based, manufacturers, create each and every piece to last.

Our bikini tops deliver bra-like support (without the need for underwires), and our bikini bottoms stay put, don't ride up and and are super comfy. With these qualities in mind here is our first 'Winter Bikini' idea.

Fusing Your Snow Gear

skiing in fused hawaii

What do Alaska, Oregon, Utah and Washington have in common?
They are the snowiest places in the US and.......some in our top 20 customer locations!
Our Fused snow bunnies know it's much more comfy wearing a quality bikini under your snow gear than a bra and undies.
The thicker fabric stops "gentle parts" rubbing under the thicker fabric when the body warms up, and you're not left with sweat soaked lingerie at the end of a ski sesh.

Fusing your snowsuit also means you can strip off and jump straight into the spa after a day in the snow.

Fusing Your Workout Gear

yoga leggings

Fused Hawaii bikini tops have become the new go-to yoga tops because of the quality, comfort and support.

Yoga, lifting weights, stretching, cardio, cycling. Whatever exercise or workout you are into, Fused Hawaii bikini tops (and not to mention our amazing, quick dry leggings), are the perfect companion.

Forget the bra, you won't need it.
Simply pair one of our bikini tops (the Ho'okena and Kohanaiki are ideal) with leggings, put on your Fused hoodie, and you're rocking the ultimate workout style.

Lingerie-Up Your Fused Bikinis

Bra-like support without the underwire, bottoms that stay put and are super comfy all day - why store your bikini's away when you can change it up and wear your Fused Hawaii swimwear as lingerie this winter?

This is such a great idea if you dash straight from work to the gym or indoor pool.

You'll soon understand why our Fused Hawaii subscribers love our monthly subscription, because our swimwear is cheaper than lingerie and a whole lot more comfy (and colorful!). 

So take those bikini's out of storage (or your swimwear drawer), and stick them in with your bra's and undies. Come summer, you'll be asked when Fused lingerie is launching.

We'd love to hear how you rock your Fused Hawaii in winter.
Make sure to tag @fusedhawaii on Instagram so we can check out your winter style!

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