You Are What You Eat: Why Your Consumption Impacts Your Life

You Are What You Eat: Why Your Consumption Impacts Your Life

When we go about our days, week after week, we tend to think less about the food we are eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They become afterthoughts as we rush to complete everything in front of us, balance a family, and look good while we do it. Along the way, we begin to opt for less healthy options, fast food, and quick snacks that require no prep.


There is danger in slipping away from clean eating. For starters, the food you eat is more than just some tastes and filler in your stomach – it’s the very nourishment, vitamins, and minerals that feed and assuage your body. What you eat can impact your physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. In fact, one study proved that what you eat influences your chance of developing heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.


Let’s look at this in more depth.


Mind Over Matter

Yes, your dietary patterns can impact your mental health – tremendously. Take amino acids for example. They are an essential component in the building of protein, which we get from clean, lean sources like chicken, chickpeas, nuts, and eggs. If your body is low on amino acids, that can impact your brain. Why? Your brain requires a supply of amino acids to facilitate neurotransmitters that communicate signs and signals using your nerves throughout the body.


Additionally, antioxidants and fatty acids help your body in its ability to absorb nutrients, as well as concentrate. Have you ever noticed after a big greasy meal, you feel sluggish and “not sharp?” That’s because your body is lacking in the antioxidants it needs to function properly.


Spiritual Sluggishness

When your brain is impacted by the food you are eating, it becomes slow, lethargic, depressed, and frustrated. Now it can no longer communicate to nerves properly, its lacking energy, and its therefore lacking in excitement. This can slow you down as a person and make you moody, sad, and depressed. When this happens over time, it can take a toll on your spirit, knocking you down from the natural energy levels your body craves.


Brain damage – that’s right, brain damage – can occur from digesting too many trans fats, slowly destroying your neuronal communication abilities. That’s why you need to fuel your brain to be the very best it can be.

You are what you eat!


Fused Hawaii

We believe that clean, nutritious, and simple foods, meals, and snacks are all that you need to live your best life. Not only will you be more astute and better at the tasks at hand, but you will also be protecting your longevity – and best of all – investing in your physical appearance.


We create quality, stylish, and trendy bikinis and bathing suit pieces that will help you show off your clean and lean body. You deserve a reward for committing to a clean diet, and we’re here to give you it!

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