I'm tired, yet I'm strong.
I'm broken, but I'm whole.
I'm looking up while I'm feeling down.
The world around me is bright, but I feel dark inside.
My heart is heavy, but it feels full.
I am loved, but I feel distanced.
My insides are trembling in my stillness.
My fears overcome me, but it's not something I can hold.
I'm happy behind these tears.
I feel like its a losing battle, but I keep moving forward.
One foot in front of the other.

My strength comes from knowing that I've been here before.
I look back at my tracks, and I've walked this line in times past.
I made it out the other end and grew stronger for it.
My expectations are the only thing holding me down.
Let it go, let it go, let it go.
Just breath.

It's funny how in your adult years you have to be reminded to breathe.
I suppose this is what life is at times
The hard times that either make or break you.
It's in these moments I become the better version of myself.
Gratitude for the hard times.
A reminder to stop and Love yourself more.


Perfectly. Imperfect. Always 


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