My whole childhood was full of days that I would try to avoid the beach at all cost. Of course growing up in Hawaii and being surrounded by the Pacific ocean from every angle made that nearly impossible. Did I mention that also being raised by parents who were very in touch with our Hawaiian roots made avoiding ocean activities difficult? Fishing, diving, surfing, body boarding, throwing net, and camping were all a part of our everyday lives. You may wonder, why did I hate the beach? I don't even understand my reasoning at the time. As a little girl, I didn't like getting dirty with sand, also being thrashed around by the waves did not amuse me, and peeling burnt skin just was not my forte.

Boy, how times have changed! I got married to the love of my life. He swept me off my feet wave after wave. He is an avid surfer, and it's the only way he knew how. Our getting to know each other consisted of me getting dirty with sand, learning how to surf over the reef, night diving, and camping on lava rocks. I loved every minute of it! He showed me how to live life to the fullest extent, pushing the boundaries, and stepping out of my comfort zone. Now I love building sand castles with my kids. One of my favorite places on earth is watching the sunset while sitting on my surfboard in the warm, glassy, Hawaiian waters. And while riding shotgun of a man who loves the ocean I have experienced the joy of being able to surf alongside him in 6 different countries thus far.

My passion for design came from me falling in love with the ocean. I wanted a bikini designed for being active in the water. I wanted a bikini that wouldn't need to to be readjusted every time I fell off my board (and I fell a lot!). I would sit hours on end in my garage cutting up fabric and teaching myself how to sew on a machine that was handed down to me. The process seemed neverending. Sewing and cutting for days until I finally designed our classic Kona Bottoms! It was my first bikini I ever made and still is one of our the best selling bottoms to date.

My journey in life has been a wave of transition. Thankfully I learned to change with the tides and let the water roll off my back with gratitude. You never know where your wave may lead you. That girl who once hated the beach is now sitting here writing how the beach inspired her passion. Take it all in, expect the tides to change, and enjoy the ride!

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