From the moment of conception, I was full of energy. In my mother's belly, I was an avid kicker, never leaving a moment of stillness. My Hawaiian name “Kanohoaloha” meaning a peaceful or friendly place was gifted to me, not to my merit. Rather, at the time of my uncomfortable and drawn out birth, my mom never lost her sense of peace. Therefore the name was given to me in hopes that the meaning would somehow stick.

My childhood was made up of numerous visits to the principles office since I was just a little kindergartener, regular visit to the counselor's office trying to understand why I always seemed to ditch campus as a 3rd grader. On the days they managed to confine me to stay on campus, I had too many demerits to count. By twelve I managed to be a juvenile delinquent racking up a felony and several misdemeanors. My grades were good, yet I dropped out of every honors class they placed me in deciding that wasn’t the course for me. I then expedited my way out of high school via correspondence classes. At age sixteen and nine schools later I graduated. I was finally out of there!

College was the route that I had known people take post high school. With the little funds that I managed to scrape up with my part time job, I decided to make the leap into what's supposed to be the right course of action. My parents never pushed me into higher education; we couldn't afford it. But I felt I needed to experience it before ruling it out altogether. With my financial standing, I was able to fund my way into a local community college. Once again I realized that School was not my jam. The cost of tuition, gas, and books, began sending my bank account into a slow deficit. My brain was also deciding to tune out to this method of learning.

I suppose school and a short attention span doesn’t quite go hand in hand, but I never doubted that my true north would someday find me. So there I began, onto the next chapter of my winding road of life…

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  • Annie Park

    Your short blogs are feeding the small flame in my heart with hope. Thank you for being real and sharing. I am inspired to chase after my dreams like how you did/are doing. I’m trying to get an AA degree, but for people like you and I, I think we can do so much more than what’s fed to us by societal standards and definition of success. :) keep it up girl friend, you got a supporter here amidst so many other fans of yours~

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