I'm 32 today. Time passes by quicker as each year goes by. I still feel like just a girl at times but the experience and wisdom I gain with each year that passes is priceless. Growing older gives you more things to look back at to gauge how far you've gotten and how much you've built.

Growing up is like a time machine propelling you forward so quickly but the older I get I realize how important it is to go back in time and heal the broken parts of me that had gotten overlooked in this time warp. It feels so great to be able to be at a place in my life that can handle and heal parts of myself that I wasn't able to when I was younger. Now realizing that what I felt were setbacks became my biggest strengths. Never underestimate the obstacles you have to go through. It's those exact things that make you unstoppable in life.

When I sit and look back, I realize how powerful our thoughts are. They tend to become our reality so I protect this space as much as I can. I'm 32, now a mom of three, married for 13 years to my first kiss, and an entrepreneur to a seven-figure business that was created by continued persistence in pursuing what I loved and believing it was attainable. There are always going to be tough parts. But, life is what we make it. A beautiful mess has always been my go to. Perfectly imperfect in all its beauty and a masterpiece in its own right.

My life gets more and more simple every year. Don't get me wrong, I am a mom of three, and there are more to do's on my list than ever before. Some days I honestly can't believe the things that get done via my body. I've learned to turn inward more. The stories of my past of who I was to become no longer has a hold on me, and I can move freely. Learning this has been a compelling and enabling journey for me to become the author to my own life. It's a lot simpler when I realized what's important to me are not that many things. Distractions come and go, but my core remains the same. Finding stillness in the chaos has become a new strength that I am learning to hone.

What matters to me most nowadays comes down to three simple things. I want to continue creating and nurturing deep, heartfelt, meaningful relationships with the most important people in my life. My goal is to raise wholehearted children who can trust their internal compass to guide them and to empower them to know they are capable of anything they put their mind to, encouraging them never to be afraid of thinking big with no limitations. For myself, I'd like to continue to step into my potential and become the best version of me even on the days when it scares me. I know that by doing just that I can affect everyone around me in a brighter way.

Looking back if I were to tell my younger self something it would be this...


Absolutely nothing. (She wouldn't have listened anyway.)

I say this because I believe in the process, it is never easy, but it takes time and continuous perseverance through the difficult parts to make it through the other end of it a better version of yourself. Stop being in a rush, enjoy every moment, breath through the painful parts because life finds a way to make you whole again and everything is always alright. At the end of the day learn to love yourself a little more because that's what it will take to move you forward to your next adventure with endless possibility.

Perfectly. Imperfect. Always.


  • Cynthia

    I just found you (how can that be?) and I couldn’t be happier. This is my first blog read and it is just what I needed today. I’ll be reading all of them now. Your suits and clothes are perfect. My purchases will be coming fast and furiously. You are an inspiration and can’t wait to follow your journey. Thank you!

  • Gina

    Roxelle, thank you for sharing your incredible journey. You are such an inspiration to so many. It was great meeting you at CapCon💕

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