So there exist those perfect couples, the ones you see in frames on department store shelves. Then there's us. That perfectly imperfect pair that happened to stumble upon each other as carefree teenagers. The storms in life have come and gone over and over yet we manage to make it through the next day in pursuit of moving forward with the tiniest steps.

This day here is just another ordinary day in our life. Me, waking up feeling not so beautiful. (Ahem, it's that time of the month AGAIN) Needless to say, I feel bloated, my skin is breaking out, and none of my clothes fit the way I want it to. Those stories in mind are rattling on and again making me feel unworthy for a photo shoot with my family.

My mind tells me my baby is getting big already and I need photos with her in it while she's still a baby. The rumbling in my brain continues, you own a swimwear brand that inspires women to feel confident in the skin they are in, you are not supposed to feel this way.

After years of this brain clutter taking place in my head, I have gotten better at dealing with FALSE stories. I now know that it's OKAY to feel down sometimes. I also now know to breathe, create space in my mind, and allow the brain junk to subside because I AM ENOUGH.

This man here in this photo. Yeah, he's pretty cool. Through 13 years or marriage, he's managed to manifest a calmness in me that I never knew existed. He makes me feel beautiful on the days when I don't even want to look in the mirror. He allows me to be confident without diminishing his own masculinity. He encourages me to practice forgiveness to myself. Because at the end of each day without those things he knows we wouldn't be this perfectly imperfect pair standing here today. I love him for that.


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