Aloha Fused Fam,

I was a bit scared to share this with you but here goes nothing.

Two months ago this podcast interview was released. Honestly, the first time I heard it I was surprised at how vulnerable I was in this interview and hesitated to share it with my audience.

It was such a privilege to be asked to be interviewed by my friend Ryan Moran. He has seen my potential from day one and supported me along the way in this process with encouraging words and his own example of determination in pursuing a dream. I want to thank him for being a big part of my journey and for being an inspiration in me continuing to dream big.

This was recorded last year before I had become pregnant with my fourth child. Even tho I slightly cringe, scared of what the response will be to my vulnerability I am so happy to have documented this part of my journey.
When I listen to this recording I can feel all the emotions of that part of growing the business as if it was yesterday. It encourages me to keep focused on my mission and keep moving forward when the to-do list seems insurmountable.

The fear, excitement, and rollercoaster ride of emotions that come with growing a business never go away. It's all a part of the process that looking back I wouldn't trade for anything.

I invite you to listen to this interview with me. It's a sneak peek of what I have planned for you in the upcoming weeks. I'm still scared, but you're worth it!

Perfectly, imperfect. Always.


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