Emilee shares her story

by Fused Hawaii January 10, 2019

Emilee G.: Hi, my name is Emily Grochowski. I am 23 years old and I am from California. I am a huge body positivity advocate. I actually have my bachelor's degree in dance and I work at a dance studio. Part of that is definitely teaching young men and women to have body positivity and to believe in themselves and never let their body shape or their curves or anything about them stop them from doing what they love.

Emilee G.: So I one day was scrolling through Instagram and I stopped on an ad for a bikini and the reason I stopped was because I noticed that the woman who was modeling the bikini was curvy and beautiful and had a body so similar to mine, and she's standing there rocking a bikini which I absolutely loved. So I clicked on the ad and I realized it was Fused Hawaii.

Emilee G.: Then I started reading about the company and I saw that they were all about what I'm all about, which is teaching women to love their bodies and to embrace their shapes and to get out there in the world and show everyone that it's okay to have, you know, an imperfect body or the not-typical body. I love that this company uses all shapes and sizes for their modeling, provides so many different sizes for women out there, and also provides as much coverage as you want or as little coverage as you want in all of those sizes.

Emilee G.: It's always been extremely hard for me to find a bathing suit that I absolutely love partially because I'm very pear shaped and so finding a top that makes me feel confident and also finding bottoms that cover a little bit more is always tough. With Fused Hawaii, it's very easy to find exactly what you're looking for for your shape and your size and you also get that knowledge of knowing you're supporting a company that wants to make good bathing suits and they model on everyone.

Emilee G.: So I just absolutely love everything I've ordered from Fused Hawaii and I will continue to spread the word and also continue to wear these amazing swimsuits when I go out to the beach.

Fused Hawaii
Fused Hawaii


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