by Roxelle Cho August 08, 2016


At nights you keep me awake.
Disquieting thoughts never leave my side.
I question my power to continue.
You build me up and tear me down
all in one breath.
You are my driving force,
I question your judgment.
The only thing I can rely on,
but you fill me with doubts.
I love you with everything, but hate you at times.
A constant balancing act,
Of who I am and who you say I am.
You can be cruel,
But have reminded me to love.
Letting me know what others think of me.
You tell me lies.
Your protective nature at times,
leaves me battered and wounded
You exhaust me.
You have made me strong.
You are constant in one thing. In Change.
You have held me hostage
You have set me free.
My restless mind.

Roxelle Cho
Roxelle Cho


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