Surfer Towel x Matthew Allen - Tropics

TROPICS is our newest design created by California artist Matthew Allen. Matthew shot this stunning image in Hawaii on a Lomo LCA+ film camera. This image is a part of his Borrowed Light photography series.

Here are some reasons you'll love your Surfer Towel:


-super compact folds out to an oversize beach towel (30x70")

-absorbs 3 mugs of water

-fastest drying towel on the market (we've tested them all)

-won't collect sand, even when wet

-fits over a standard yoga mat

-naturally mildew resistant, no more drying off with a stinky towel


-drying loop for easy hanging

-created with environmentally responsible manufacturing practices

-no-shed fibers

-independently tested to contain no toxic inks, dyes or materials

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