At Fused Hawaii we make it our mission to shine a light on the beauty of every curve, every body, every woman.

Feeling confident in our swimwear and embracing your femininity as your body changes through motherhood is our hope for all new and seasoned mothers around the globe.

If you’re expecting a baby, are postpartum, or are self conscious about what society deems as a “Mom Bod” don’t let ANYONE tell you you can’t wear a bikini. You don’t need the perfect body to wear a bikini you need the perfect bikini. Here are some of the perfect styles that will last you during your pregnancy and after you’ve given birth.

Fused Hawaii Maternity Bikini Styles

As a pregnancy progresses, especially if you are spending time in warm weather, the number one priority (aside from satisfying those pregnancy cravings) is finding the most comfortable item of clothing to wear. Whether it’s around the house, by the pool or at the beach, the maternity swimwear you select should be stretchy, quick drying and let’s face it - very comfortable. Luckily you can have ALL THAT and be cute too! No need to sacrifice cuteness for comfort here at Fused Hawaii.

Two things you need to know. 1. All of our bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately so you can mix, match, and customize which styles you prefer in your favorite prints! And 2. You don’t need to go and buy a ‘maternity bikini top’, because these can be worn years after you’ve given birth. Who wants to buy something you can only wear for less than 9 months anway? Total scam if you ask us!

All Fused bikini tops are suitable to wear during pregnancy, but if you’re looking for added support we highly recommend our Ho’okena Bikini Top.

Available in a huge range of colors and all sizes, the Ho’okena bikini top is so supportive that our fearless leader Roxelle Cho ran the Honolulu marathon in it! No joke, its that supportive! The Ho'okena is the perfect combination of sporty function and feminine style. Named after a beautiful grey sand beach on the South Kona coast, this top is a must-have for every bikini lover's collection, and perfect support when pregnant, momming, or even running 26.2 miles.

Another popular choice for women looking for a maternity bikini is our Kohanaiki bikini top, our national best-seller that over 80k women have been swooning over since the day it was sewn by the hands of a new mother who couldn’t find a bikini top she felt confident in. The adjustable straps help this top expand as you do and can be cinched or loosened to your perfect fit.

Pregnancy Bikini Bottoms

No pregnant woman in history wants anything tight fitting around her belly. Not. One. On that note, we would like to introduce our Kona Bottoms. We find that the most comfortable fit for bikini bottoms during pregnancy are those that sit at just the right level under the belly, and aren’t too “cheeky”.

Our top selling, most raved about bottoms are both flattering and comfortable as they sit perfectly under a pregnant tummy, and offer a supportive, cozy fit.

Kona Bottoms are a MUST-have for all women, especially expectant mothers.

Looking for something with the same great qualities but with just a little more coverage? Our best selling Hapuna Bottoms are exactly that!

Hapuna bottoms also sit pleasantly snug under the bump, but with these you get full coverage in the front and a flirty but classy cut in the back to help you feel confident as you waddle wherever your preggie self wanders.

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